Fada Ibude Blows Hot; Says no third term for Nwokolo

A former chairman,Ika South local government and founder,Future Vision Political Group,Hon Hilary Fada Ibude, has said that there is no third term bid for the member representing Ika Federal Constituency at the Green Chamber of the National Assembly, Hon Victor Nwokolo,saying that it is the turn of Ika South to produce the next House of Representatives member for the constituency come 2019.

Hon Ibude who spoke in an interview last weekend at Agbor pointed out that for the sake of peace and unity, Nwokolo should jettison his third term bid and support whoever is the choice of Ika South for the House of Representatives seat, adding that the federal lawmaker should not use his ambition to create disaffection between Governor Okowa and his people.

His words, “It is sad and annoying to hear that the member representing Ika Federal Constituency in the House of Representatives, Hon Victor Nwokolo is still in the 2019 House of Representatives race after he has been elected two times by the good people of Ika nation. Equity demands that Ika South produces the next House of Representatives member in 2019. As a die hard son of Governor Ifeanyi Okowa in Ika South I don’t want Nwokolo to give him any problem with his third term ambition.

“I don’t know how to pretend. I love saying the truth no matter whose ox is gored. I am Fada Ibude, I am not a rich man but I am contended with God’s glory upon my life, my integrity matters to me. I don’t care how some persons will react to this interview, all I know and believe is that power belongs to the God almighty. My struggle is for our children who are leaders of tomorrow. Rather than contest for a third term, Nwokolo should sponsor someone from Ika South for the House of Representatives position and also ensure that nobody contest for the position in Ika North East. Politicians in Ika South, including me, are hungry but what differentiates everyone is the thirst and level of your hunger.

Nwokolo’s third term bid is giving room for mushroom political parties to come on board in Ika Land. It will be surprising if an unpopular political party wins the House of Representatives election in Ika Federal Constituency all because of one man. I am not in contention with anybody on the matter of financial capability but on integrity. Nwokolo should not allow detractors and political jobbers who, despite their gang ups, cannot get up to a thousand votes in any election.

In 2015, I was condemned and even asked to go to Ika North East local government and become their indigene, all because I supported Governor Okowa. Today, ninety percent of people who are around the governor for their selfish interest are now planning to drag him (Governor Okowa) down politically by supporting Nwokolo’s third term ambition.”

Speaking further, Hon Ibude said, “I don’t hate Nwokolo. I want the best for him. Hence I am advising him to withdraw from the House of Representatives race. It is the turn of Ika South to go to the Green Chamber in 2019. Even if the person is ‘Fide Monkey’ that will aspire from our local government we will support him. The governor has not made any further comment on the House of Representatives issue but I know he will fulfil his promise to Ika South regarding the House of Representatives issue. Nwokolo should help the governor to grow higher by stepping down for someone from Ika South. If he continues with his decision, I am sorry the outcome will be bad. I am prepared to give Nwokolo my full support if he is gunning for the Senate but House of Representatives position, after he has been given the mandate twice, I will not be a party to that. I am not vying for the House of Representatives position but the truth must be told so that posterity can talk good of us.” Watch Out
God is Able.

I . my wife have received letters from unknown persons threatening to kidnap and kill me and my family for standing by the truth. Whoever that is concerned can go on to kill me and my family but the spirit and the truth will live forever.

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