OUTCOME: Abavo elders say it is a royal family issue … New Obi can be installed if royal family fullfills all rituals

Sources present at the meeting of all Abavo people yesterday, 22 June 2012, inform Ikaworld.com that the decision reached was that the crisis rocking the Abavo monarchy is a royal family issue and that when the royal family performs all the rituals and present the new heir to the throne he will be installed. This is a setback for the King, Obi Irenuma II. The meeting held on Friday at the Ogwa Olihe, 22 June 2012, was well attended by Abavo people. At the end of the meeting the Olihe decided that he will follow the decision reached by members of the royal family. The feeling is that this crisis is that of the royal family members to solve because it is the royal family members who know the truth about the circumstances that led to the installation of the father of the current king and the circumstance surrounding their birth. According to our sources, among the rituals to be done is the exhuming and re-burial of the body of the first son of Obi who was supposed to have been installed in the burial ground where kings are buried and the presentation of his son as heir apparent to the throne for the pre-installation rituals.

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