MEETING OF ALL MEETINGS IN ABAVO: The fate of the Obi of Abavo may be decided today

According to reliable sources, there will be a meeting of all Abavo people today June 22, 2012 in Abavo. The goal of the meeting is to get to the root of the crisis within the royal family and the monarchy.One very reliable source informed that what everyone wants at this point is for the members of the royal family who knew what happened when the father of the current Obi was installed as Obi. Abavo people, especially the elites and intellectuals have been standing on the side-lines because there is a strong suspicion that the whole truth has not been told. This is the main reason why todays meeting is extra-ordinarily important.Another source informed that there is fear that today’s meeting maybe be aborted by certain powers that do not want the truth to be told.

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