AGBOR: Ekuku-Agbor threatens to break away from Agbor Kingdom





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For some time now, the palace of the Dein of
Agbor has been dealing with a serious crisis which threatens to split Agbor

The crisis has to do with the resolve of Ekuku-Agbor
village to no longer have anything to do with the Dein of Agbor and the palace.
The reason for this stems from a similar remote cause of the crisis rocking
Abavo kingdom: Oil.

it all started

According to multiple sources close to
Agbor palace and the Uboh of Ekuku-Agbor, the problem started with the
a possible exploration of oil in Ekuku-Agbor village. It is suspected that money was given
to Ekuku-Agbor elders by an oil company that had the intention to explore oil
in the village. The elders shared the money among themselves and the Dein of
Agbor was said to have been angered by the fact that the Palace was not
consulted. However, these accounts of the involvement of money can not be verified.

Our sources told Ikaworld that the Dein
invited the Uboh of Ekuku-Agbor to the Palace and gave him a talking to. The
Dein, it was claimed, had threatened to depose the Uboh during that stormy

Not long after that meeting, the symbol of
office (crown) was taken from the Uboh’s home by a chief who visited while Uboh
was in a village meeting somewhere else. The chief who is said to live in
Orogodo was caught after Uboh raised alarm that the crown of office had been stolen. The
chief confessed to have handed the crown to people in a waiting car who in turn
took it to Agbor Palace.

and Counter claims

While Uboh and the Ekuku-Agbor elders claim
that the crown was stolen from him the Dein palace is claiming that the Dein
had asked for the symbol of office to be returned to the palace and not stolen.


The taking of the symbol of office from the
Uboh triggered the decision by the Ekuku-Agbor people who vowed to have nothing
more to do with Agbor Kingdom as well as seek autonomy. has been informed that
Ekuku-Agbor elders have banned all Agbor palace chiefs of Ekuku-Agbor origin from all dealings with Agbor Palace including visiting the palace.**This story has been updated

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