There is no gain saying the fact, that Owanta Idumu Etor road, along old Abraka Road in Boji- Boji Owa, Ika North east local government area, has turned to a dead trap, as a result of the devastating effect of gully erosion that has over the months ravaged the area. The popular road which links most Owa Commities has become a threat to its dweller, as cars and motor cycles cannot ply through it, expecially when it rains. This has become a great burden and concern to the people of that vicinity.


Speaking to Ika Weekly, about the deplorable state of the road the Owanta Idumu Etor youth chairman, Mr. Friday Buzugbe, spoke on the negative effects of the road which according to him, has become a threat and a problem to all dwellers to the extent that people leaving close to the area are seriously afraid of the safety of their lives and properties. He further stated that the road has so dilapidated to the level that when it rains it is difficult for pedestrians and vehicles to pass.

In the same vein Comrade Friday Buzugbe lamented the pains and agonies that the people are encountering as a result of the bad states of Owanta Roads.


Further finding by Ika Weekly proved that the road is among the busiest Roads in Owa-Kingdom before it was destroyed by flood. 


According to the information gathered it was clear that most of the rooms of the buildings in the area are vacant as tenants have packed out to better areas.


This is a clarion call for the political leaders in the kingdom and the government to put a stop to the unbearable situation which old Abraka, Owanta road found itself.

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