The Umunede- Mbiri road,the only tarred road at Mbiri, is now a death trap, as drivers and motorcycle riders now find it difficult to access. The most affected parts are the Umunede junction and the Mbiri/ Oligie end of the road. The pot holes have made it very difficult for its users. Anybody who visited Mbiri lately will attest to the fact that virtually all parts of the road are deplorable.


When Ika Weekly visited the quiet agrarian and ancient Mbiri Kingdom on Saturday 27th Octobers, 2012, the road was an eye sore. Parents of students of Command Secondary School, who visited the school that Saturday to attend the school’s Parent Teachers Association, (PTA) general meeting struggled to get to the school gate, as most of them who came from different parts of the country found it difficult to drive through the road. However, one would have expected that the road leading to the only Command School in South South, Nigeria, should be good but unfortunately the  reverse is become the case.


The founding father of the apex army secondary school, Mr. Andrew Egonte, popularly called Civilian General, while speaking with newsmen during the week on the deplorable state of the road, decried the attitude of the faceless contractor who handled construction of the road. The elder statesman said that the school is too dear to him, as he is not going to allow greedy politicians to rubbish what he suffered for many years to get. He however disclosed that efforts are already on top gear, just to make sure that the road is fixed.


The Umunede- Mbiri road was constructed during the administration  of Chief James Ibori, barely a year or two after the establishment of Command Secondary School at Mbiri. The road which has not lasted up to seven years since it was constructed is an eye  opener of the damages political contractors are doing to the existence of Nigeria

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