My Husband Is Lost

Dear Teresa

I am very highly worried because of the relationship between my husband and his cousin Florence. This is more than brother/sister relationship because of the type of time and how they spend that time together. My husband is 47 years old and Florence is 35 and single. No day passes without Florence calling my husband or sending him a text message. And anytime she calls, their talk is endless. Of recent, I have noticed that my husband is under the spell of Florence because any time she phones, my husband will suddenly find an excuse to go out and I know he immediately goes to her. Each time, I confront him; he tells me that everything is under control and that there is no cause to for me to worry because Florence is his sister. But I am worried because her grip on him is too much and now my husband is lost in the arms of his own sister. I am very convinced that these two are having an affair and this knowledge is killing me slowly. Is there anything that I can do to stop this affair without destroying my marriage?

Mrs. MaryRose O.

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Dear Mary-Rose 


It is very possible that this your “knowledge” is in your imagination, and it is not true because you have brothers and sisters who are truly close. On the other hand, I hope you realize that this is a very strong accusation that you have leveled against your husband.  And if it is true, he is guilty of incest and is liable under any type of law, including religious, traditional and English laws. For you to make this sort of accusation therefore, you must have your facts checked and crosschecked before you go any further. Otherwise, your action right now is a bonfire, which will be difficult for you to put out. But if you are sure of your facts, then the first thing for you to do is to confront your husband with the facts, and figures. The difference between this confrontation and the former confrontations is the graphic details. If he denies it again, do not pursue the matter with him anymore. If he accepts his guilt, close your case without any further argument. So, whether he accepts or denies, it is in your own interest not to quarrel and vibrate over the matter because this will bring your family to public ridicule. However, it is expected that whichever path he chooses will lead to immediate shut down of the immoral relationship. But if he continues after this, then your next step is to confront Florence. I wish you luck.           

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