The announcement of October 25, 2014 as the date for the election of new council executives in Delta State by the chairman of the State Independent Electoral Commission (DSIEC), Mr. Martin Ogbe, a few months ago no doubt was received by Deltans with great joy. This was after waiting for more than three years when the last council executives was dissolved by the state government. Upon the dissolution, the Heads of Personnel Management (HPM) took over the running of the councils until a transition committee chairman and members were inaugurated in November, 2012.
The idea of transition committee government at a time when many Deltans want election was strongly condemned to the extent that some who described it as illegal went to the count to get justice. Out come was the constitution of the membership of the board of DSIEC. However, now that the issue of the constitution of DSIEC and fixing of the date for election is over, all attentions are now focused on the October 25 election. The question in the mind of every Ika man or woman now, is who will take over at the chairmanship positions of Ika North East and Ika South local government  councils respectively. Will candidates of the PDP win the two council areas or not. Let us keep our finger crossed as events unfold. However, Here are the analysis of the major contenders from the two Ika local government areas.
Hon Hilary Ibude
Hon Hilary Ibude, popularly called Fada is the candidate of the Peoples Democratic Movement (PDM), a party that was just registered in August last year. Hon Ibude was the immediate past council chairman of Ika South local government. His administration is one of the most criticized in the history of the local government even though he said he initiated and executed over fifty projects in deferent’s parts of the local government while in office. He was accused of inflating contract cost and inability to keep promises. At different times, Hon Ibude has publicly debunked the allegations, saying he is criticized because he failed to share money when he was in power. He said he is in the race again in order to finish the work he started during his first in office. He added that if he gets the mandate of the people a second time, he will pay more attention to human capital development. The Ime-Obi born Business Administration graduate called on the people of Ika to vote for him as he is going to serve them better .
Bar Francis Eborka
Bar Francis Eborka is not minor as far as Ika North East local government politics is concerned. He has been a committed member of the ruling peoples Democratic Party and has even served as its legal adviser at the state level. The emergence of the Owa-Oyibu born lawyer cum politician is still a surprise to many, particularly those who think the ticket will be given to the multi-millionaire businessman and philanthropist from the local government, Mr. Benjamin Okwube, also known as, Benco. Barr Eboka is mostly favored by the Senator Ifeanyi Okowa camp even though he emerged as a consensus candidate, of the party. Many people in the local government believe that since Bar Eborka, a native of Owa Oyibu has the support of Senator Okowa he will have a smooth sail to the council headquarter in Owa Oyibu. If this will be true or not we shall know come October Saturday 25
Eng. Moses Ebede
Engr. Moses Ebede is a native of Ogbemudein community in Ime- Obi, Agbor. He is a candidate of the All Progressives Grand  Alliance (APGA). This is not the first time he is contesting as he vied. House of Assembly seat in Ika South in 2011 under the platform of the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN). Engr. Ebede in a recent interview he granted Ika Weekly said he his very qualified to be the chairman of Ika South as he his from a humble Christian home and has worked in managerial capacity in the private sector. He said he has the fear of God and cannot hurt a fly, ” I am a cheerful giver and can spend my last kobo on someone in need. My philanthropic gesture started when I was a student at Gbenoba Grammar School, Agbor. My colleagues at the Ambross – Ali University, Ekpoma can attest to this. I am a dogged fighter of poverty and I have the ability to create wealth and I have never been linked to any criminal act. I am not sponsored by any godfather. Okoda riders in Ika South may be jobless if they return PDP to power. The only reason okada people are plying our road is that election is coming. Okada is not the problem and not the reason for the high rate of crime in Ika South, rather it is the failure of government to address the problem of the people.
Mrs. Amechi Sams
Mrs. Amechi Sams is from the popular Odozi family of Agbor. She is the flag bearer of the All Progressives Congress (APC)  for the October 25 council poll in the state. Mrs. Sams studied both in Nigeria in the United States of America where she later lived with her husband and children. Mrs. Sams though is not too known in the political, scene she is an advocate of good governance. Her coming from the same political party with a renowned human right activist and lawyer, Felix Morka is causing headache for the ruling PDP. However the people of Ika South will decide whether they need a female council chairman with unstained political record or not.
Fred Ofume
Fred Ofume, an accomplished banker and a candidate of the People Democratic Party is from Aliharme, Agbor. His emergence was never a rosy one as his ward 6 is on the news for taking all the key positions in Ika South, as the national vice- chairman PDP, South South zone, transition committee position currently occuped by Engr. Andrew Obiazi and that of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) Governor. Ofume did not get the PDP picket on a plater of gold as he countered great challenges before victory came his way.  Hon Hilary Ibude, candidate of PDM is banking on alleged bulk votes from Abavo. Ofume is banking on the PDP family in Ika South to do the needeful. Mr. Ofume during his declaration at the party secretariat at Agbor promised to run an open door policy, accountable, selfless and transparent government if voted into office.                  
Christian Anwuli Ikem
Mr. Christian Anwuli Ikem is from Owerre Olubor. He is vying under the platform of the All Progressives Congress (APC). He is a retired civil servant. He is not a political bulldozer or money bag. Whether he would be able to defeat Bar Eborka the PDP candidate, only time will tell.
Clement Okonye
Mr. Clement Okonye, politically is a neophyte. He has not contested any election before neither is the party he is contesting under its platform, People Democratic Movement (PDM) popular in Ika Northeast local government area. He said he is on a rescue mission and will transform the local government if given the chance.        
By and large, October 25 is just around the corner. Ika people need only two people to head the two local government  areas. Who will be the lucky ones?
Watch out next week as we bring you the councilorship aspirants for both Ika South and Ika North East.

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