Biblically and traditionally men should provide
for their wife and children within the family institution. It is always the joy
of any man to be able to meet the financial, material and other needs of his
family. Sometimes however, we find situations where the wife is more
financially endowed bearing more responsibilities on her shoulder.

are some women who have refused to allow their fortunes to cloud their marital
obligations to their family particularly their husband. The scriptures however
enjoin wives to exhibit deep respect for their husband but do all wives follow
this scriptural injunction? The answer is no. There are however records and
reportswho have remained good to their husbands.

Weekly reporters went to town to savour the opinion of most men in Ika land on
this topic, and below are their responses.

Mogbobu Freeborn said, “if my wife is richer 
it is a blessing. All I need to do is to give her backing and
encouragement and make her understand that the family is made up of myself,
herself and our children. I will give her the cooperation she deserves. I will
not begin to suspect her.

we are all fallable, when the pressure of work gets the better part of her,
instead of allowing quarrel to set in, I will call her attention to wherever
she falls short. Husbands should support their wives fully when she is richer
than they are for come tomorrow the man may also be rich or richer. Men should
show understanding in this regard.”

Binto .O. a teacher said, “if my wife becomes richer than me, I will not feel
bad because she is part of me and I am part of her. So we have to work together
to sustain her wealth. I believe that there is no time she will divide the
family. Since the family belongs to all of us, we have to work together to grow
it. I will also give her the freedom to operate especially after letting her
know the extent to which is allowed within the marital institution. Personally
however, I will not like to marry anyone who is arrogant.

Victor Onyeawun said, he will encourage her to succeed. “We will always discuss
issues before she carries out any action so as to safeguard our marriage. I
know it is not always easy to live with a wife who is richer. However, when she
is submissive, the family will benefit greatly from her wealth”.

Ezekiel Kieyigiokweme opined that as long as the wife cooperates, he will
support her to succeed, “I will not like my wife to be richer than me but if by
divine orchestration she is, I will assist her.”

Akorede said, ” sometimes it happens that the wife will be richer than the husband,
and infact there are many women today who are very enterprising and richer.

is in the character of most women to exhibit pride when they become rich not to
now think of them becoming richer than the husband. Any man whose wife is
richer will need to struggle harder and not depend on the wife. Wives who fall
into this category should  eschew pride
and arrogance towards their husband. I don’t wish it to happen to me, but if
does, I will support my wife only if she is truthful, honest and respectful.
Sometimes, women who are rich and are cooperative make people believe that
their wealth is their husbands. Because such women do not brag and give the
entire honor to their husbands, the home front is always peaceful. Cooperation
is key”.

Comr. Chinedu Monday Aghaiji, aka Docky said,
“there will be no big deal if my wife earns better than me provided she gives
me respect due me. The bible recommends that wives should be submissive to
their husband. Even if she is financially better than me 10 times over, I wont
be jealous but I will consider it as a pride as long as she remains a good
wife. On the contrary if she takes over the husbandly authority, naturally
everymen will be jealous and angry. As long as her source of income is
legitimate, I will support her. I will show understanding and allow some
measure of freedom because of the love I have for her”.

Comrade Samson Elelegu said, “if she was rich
before the marriage was consummated, I will support her. But after marrying the
woman if she becomes richer than me, I will not be too comfortable. And the
reason is because most rich women do not respect their husband. They insult and
treat shabbily like rags”.

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