AGBOR (Ika Weekly) – Students of College of Education, Agbor have been advised to desist from anything that can jeopardize their lives.


The advice was given by the president of Women of Compassion worldwide, Mrs. Joy Anthony in a lecture to mark the beginning of 2006/2007 Academic Session of students’ week celebration.


Defining rape which was the topic of the student’s week as having forceful sexual intercourse with another person, Mrs. Anthony warned that anybody found guilty of rape will pay dearly for it.


She stated that lovemaking should be done in agreement and understanding, noting that anything outside that is rape.


Listing some possible traits of rapists, Mrs. Anthony warned the students to be careful about the type of people they keep as friends.


She said some cases of rape were caused by the victims due to their mode of dressing which has become a great concern to the authorities of all institutions of higher learning.


The president stated that South Africa has the highest number of rape cases with reference to a nine-month old baby that was raped to death there.


Speaking on how to defend oneself, the adviser to the president of Women of Compassion worldwide, Mr. Christopher Ukpere said everyone has natural defence instruments that should be put to full use instead of succumbing easily to rape due to fear. He advised the students especially the ladies to put fear off their minds and fight back anytime they are attacked.


Concluding the lecture, Dr. Carpe of Central Hospital Agbor, called on all rape victims to open up and talk to medical personels that can help them handle the psychological effects of what they went through.


He pointed out that rape victims go through both psychological and emotional trauma that may ruin the joy of tomorrow if not adequately handled professional.


Dr. Carpe urged the society to desist from stigmatizing rape victims, pointing out that stigmatization is the main reason why these victims do not speak out.


The occasion, which featured question and answers session, was spiced with music by Sunny Benson.


The President of Student Union government, Mr. Isreal Uwadia said his government decided to teach the students the implication of rape and how to deal with it in the case of occurrence in order to prevent the incident in future.


He advised all students of the college to participate fully in all the activities lined up for the week, and wished them a successful students week celebration.

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