?Rain is preventing construction work? says Rotec Engr Comp; ?You don?t know engineering, stupid? says Agbor Plank dealer

Mr. Julius Bointa criticizes the poor handling of the road construction in Ika land even as some politicians are calling for an end to the criticism because the Commissioner of Environment Chief Osiegbu had dragged the Chariman of the Rotec Engineering Company before Ika stakeholders to explain himself.


 Mr. Julius Bointa, a plank dealer at Boji Boji, was reacting to a statement by the Chariman of the Rotec Engineering Company at the recent Ika stakeholders meeting at Legend hotel in which he use terrain as an excuse for the poor and shabby job his company is doing. According to him ?now can the Managing director of a construction company awarded contract running into 2 billion naira say that he finds it difficult carrying out its job due to rain. This is for a job he has been paid for. This means that Rotec does not know its job and does not have the technical and manpower to execute contract it was awarded. As far as I am concerned, he is highly incompetent?.


He said the it is the drainage systems donce in the 70s by one Engineer Okitikpi is what Rotec is plastering. This, he said, is being approved as properly done. He added that Ika people are sheepishly accepting it.


Bointa lamented that Agbor traditional and political leaders are not playing their role which their positions confer on them. He said that they are supposed to be at the forefront of cry for organisation of the area but instead some of them are doing things that will in no way benefit the people they claim to lead. He called on them to stop being selfish and money minded and wake up to their responsibility.


He said that it is only Marere street and Baleke street that are a bit motorable while others are completely bad.

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