Ika Weekly gathered from the
family that the 39-year-old Mr. Onwanimba whose shop is located at Owanta
Aliosimi by Efeizomor Street, Boji-Boji, Owa was declared missing on Monday 2nd
March, 2009.


However, the family was thrown
into mourning when the corpse of the young mechanic was later discovered in the
bush along railway line behind THISDAY Company, Agbor five days after he was
declared missing.


The wife of the late mechanic
Mrs. Onwanimba who narrated the ordeal she had gone through to our crime
reporter on Saturday said her husband was previously kidnapped on Sunday by
three hefty young men in their house.


She added that after much
pleading to them to release her husband, one of them made a telephone call and
the husband was given the cell phone to discuss with the receiver at the other
end before he was set free by his assailants.


Unfortunately, 24 hours after the
drama, the Owa-Oyibu born mechanic disappeared into thin air without anybody
knowing his whereabouts.


Ika Weekly learnt that
Ishiokpenyen as he was popularly called left for his mechanic workshop that
Monday morning, promising to return the motorcycle of one of his customers that
he worked on, but never returned home again, until his remains were discovered
in the bush.


Meanwhile, other sources alleged
that he received a phone call from an unknown person, to meet him at a
particular spot within Boji-Boji metropolis, which he quickly left his business
of the day to attend to.


His motorcycle was later found by
Ika Grammar School, Boji-Boji, Owa during
the search. Although, Mrs. Onwanimba who is heavily pregnant with their second
child observed that the deceased had confided in her of having settled scores
with his perceived enemies. The police is however investigating the crime while
the corpse has been deposited in the mortuary.

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