It was another abracadabra on 31st
March, 2009 at about 8.00am Tuesday, when a middle aged woman of about 40
years, dark complexioned and of average height walked into the shop of a
wholesale, and Retail Recharge Card dealer, like any other person and calmly
requested for Recharge cards worth N110, 000 (one hundred and ten thousand
Naira), pretending to be a long standing customer.

Eventually she had her supply for which she
promptly paid for and left. But that was when trouble started as not quite up
to five minutes after she left; the money she used in paying for the card also
vanished into thin air.


A search was immediately conducted for the woman but
she was nowhere to be found. The Recharge Card dealer then resorted to the
particulars she furnished, especially her phone number for answer but the line
was also discovered to be a fluke, as it did not go through.


Members of the
general public are therefore cautioned to be careful and watch out for such
satanic occurrences when they receive huge sums of money in payment for any
good purchased.

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