Calamity and alarming confusion have become the lot of residents of Boji-Boji metropolis in the last one week following the senseless and brutal killings of some persons by yet to be identified gun men, who have been on the prowl in the area. To the extent that the people now live in fear and find it extremely difficult to walk along the street without fear of being cut down by bullets from barrels of these killers.

In the last one week about ten young men have been mercilessly murdered in cold blood in different locations at Ime-Obi, Alihami and Boji Boji Owa by unknown persons in a  manner akin to one of those American action packed movies.


One of those unfortunate to have fallen to the reckless killing of these gunmen is a 39-year old young man, Mr Matthew Ijeoma Ukpere who arrived Agbor from South Africa few days ago. Ika Weekly learnt that Matthew was shot dead in his jeep at Convent street, Boji-Boji, Owa at about 7:30pm on Tuesday while driving along the street.


Another victim, Mr Dennis Amaka Eboigbe of Akumazi-Umuocha, a video Camera man was also sent to the world beyond by hoodlums on Sunday evening at Osian street, Boji-Boji, Owa.


According to his family, Dennis was chatting with his brothers when suddenly he received a phone call from one of his friends, telling him to make haste and come and meet them at the junction, which he responded  quickly and left his family, promising to be back soonest, but unfortunately his corpse was later found by the police who deposited it in the morgue.


Investigations revealed that about four other persons were killed the same night at different locations, that Mr Ukpere was murdered. These sad and heinous acts have sent shivers into the veins of inhabitants of the town.


While many residents are asking questions on the security validity of the presence of  the Joint Task Force stationed in Ika land in the face of these incessant and relentless killings, some are alleging that the recent development may not be unconnected with secret cult activities.

In the face of the upsurge in criminal activities and the unending shooting and killings in Ika land in recent times, there is the urgent need for a new pro-active security approach to be adopted and put in place, to safeguard the lives and properties of residents of the area. The police should be well equipped and oriented to squarely face the enormous challenges of policing the locality for optimum protection of lives of residents and visitor’s alike.

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