The incident, which took place
between 11.00am and 12.00pm that fateful day, attracted sympathizers to the
young girl who was stabbed with a knife by the girl who claimed that Miss Oyibo
Vivian Ona stole her lover from her.


According to sources who spoke with Ika Weekly, prior to the
duo?s fight, they overheard them exchange words in a very aggressive manner as
Miss Oyibo Ona Vivian?s life was threatened by the other girl who is simply
known as Jennifer.


In an interview with Miss Oyibo,
she stated that the friend, Jennifer by name was the one who stole her
boyfriend whom she said is a student at the College of Education,
Agbor. She further disclosed that sometime ago, Jennifer had tried to lure her
lover to bed and although her  lover did
not agree and later revealed the truth to her, since then, she said she and
Jennifer have not been in good terms.


According to Miss Oyibo, she
later discovered to her surprise and chagrin, that her lover was having an
affair with her friend Jennifer, and out of envy, she decided to confront her
friend, but that she never conceived in her mind to hurt her like Jennifer have
done to her. 

One of the sympathizers who
claimed he knew Jennifer very well, told our reporter that she is a very
terrible girl when it comes to ?snatching? people?s guys, asserting that  Jennifer is a snake under the green grass,
who is cunning enough to manipulate whatever circumstance she finds herself to
her benefit, especially in cases involving men and lovers. Efforts to reach
Jennifer proved abortive, as she was nowhere to be found, after carrying out
the hideous crime.


Miss Ona who was a pitiable sight
as blood gushed out through the wound on her left hand, quickly alerted her
family members of what happened and was rushed to the hospital for treatment.


It was later discovered that
their lover having heard about what happened to his two girlfriends went ahead
to report the incident to the police, even as Jennifer is yet to be found, for
her to account for her crime, and face the wrath of the law.

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