call was made by the President of Ihu-Iyase Youths Association, Mr. Michael
Ehiwarior on Wednesday at Agbor in Ika South Local Government Area. Mr.
Ehiwarior who led other youths to protest the reckless abandonment of the heavy
duty equipment lamented that it has led to the death of some persons. He
therefore called on the company that owns the equipment to urgently remove them
from their present positions which he said is not good for road users, and
could lead to more avoidable accidents.


Youths President who was visibly angry over the non-completion of roads
projects in Agbor Kingdom enjoined the State Government to call the contractors
who were given the jobs to order. He remarked that they were surprised that
road projects awarded over a year ago, are yet to be completed, adding that
they suspect that the jobs have been abandoned by the construction firm. He
queried the offence the people of the area has committed to deserve the current
attitude by the authorities to their well-being. ?What offence did my people
commit to deserve this shabby treatment? We are yet to be told of what we have
done for this near neglect of our Local Government Area. Our people have
contributed and continued to contribute to the development of the state, yet
their efforts are not being acknowledged. It is wicked and not good at all.
There are no good roads, no electricity and empowerment for the youths and
women. Good roads and constant supply of electricity are needed to attract
investors who could set up industries to absorb the unemployed youths?.


urged the political class to wake up from their slumber and stop thinking of
only themselves and families. He stressed for the coming together of all
factional groupings in Ika South for them to form a united front, for the
benefit of the people. He regretted that politics has polarized the people
rather than uniting them and urged them to see themselves as one, working for
the common good of the land and its people.   

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