questions from Hon. S.N. Azubuike JP, a member of Board of Directors, State
Tourism Board, Asaba at Owere Olubor recently, Patrick Keneneuwa Egbede, the
Edofi Priest disclosed that Edofi is owned by five communities which include
Owere Olubor, Ejeme-Unor, Ejeme-Aniogor, Etwa,Ikiribi, and Osisa.


Edofi Priest gave two reasons why the Edofi river is not in Owere Olubor. The
first being that the people of Owere Olubor could not pay the price demanded by
the Edofi god, and secondly as the head of the Edofi, the river is not supposed
to be in the land.


disclosed that the Edofi priesthood is meant for only Umuogwu. He also said
that late Mr. Mokobia of Afagwu?s family was the last Edofi Priest before the
tradition was abandoned for a long time, adding that it is the turn of Egbede
family to produce a priest.


his role as the priest, Patrick Egbede said that he did not bargain for it but
was chosen by the god. He said he was a devout Christian of the Anglican Faith,
worshipping with St. Barnaba?s Anglican Church, Owere Olubor as a youth leader
until 7th July, 1989. On the fateful day, he said he became ill
after an all night choir meeting, adding that the illness defied cure until he
accepted the call of Edofi, after elders had gone to Ejeme to clarify issues.
He said he became a priest after preparations that took one year and three


Edofi Priest stated that amongst other social and spiritual duties, cases are
adjudicated at the Edofi shrine there, disclosing that issues involving parties
are resolved within two weeks, no matter the weight of the case.


called on the government to protect the Edofi Forest
from indiscriminate felling of trees, even though the Edofi god can take care
of its self, as many who had indulged in such acts did receive the wrath of the
Edofi god. He asserted that the green trees apart from its economic value is a
tourist attraction.


speaking was the Secretary of the Edofi shrine, Chief Sam Obi Uyakonwu who
thanked Hon. Azubuike for projecting the community in good light before the government.


Secretary revealed those who are involved in the day to day activities in the
shrine as Chief Ehinze Nwadibie, Eldest among them, Elder Nweke Uyamasi ?
Provost, N/Dr. Okafor Ake, Elders John Ugbajie, and Chukwudi Onyegunwa who meet
with the priest on every Eke and Afor days to judge the people.


are madam Mgborie Augustina Akumazi, Madam Onyocha and Mr. Precious Ugamasi.


Hon. S.N. Azubuike thanked the Edofi Priest and the community for granting him
audience while assuring them that the benefits of partnering with the
government will surely be reaped by them.      

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