CONVENT STREET: Havoc as flood destroys property; Traders lament as heaven open up

The onset of the rainy season is regarded as a blessing from the heavenly abode, to mankind. Infact, whenever the rains fails to come when it ought to, people naturally become apprehensive. But that cannot be said of some of the traders whose stores are located along Convent Street by Hausa Street, Boji-Boji, Owa in Ika North East Local Government Area.

The affected traders had their goods, ranging from Beans, Rice, Garri, Salt destroyed by rain water which flowed into their stores, as a result of the heavy down pour that took place on Tuesday night. The rain which literally caused havoc in Boji-Boji and Orogodo metropolis had many property destroyed.

Ika Weekly investigation revealed that non of the affected traders has incurred loss of less than N300, 000.00 (three hundred thousand naira) from the effects of the flood, which has become a yearly occurrence.

Some of the affected traders who spoke to Ika Weekly said that many of the appeals made to the Ika North East Council before now was yet to yield any positive response.

According to Mr. Edward Egede, who deals in beans, he said he has with the recent loss of goods worth over N350, 000.00 incurred a total loss of over one million five hundred thousand, when added to the N600, 000 and N700, 000 already lost.

Another victim, Mr. Tony Eguesu who owns a provision store decried the non-challant attitude of the authority concerned, adding that he has lost over N300, 000.00 worth of goods, this year alone. He said that flood has remained a distressing phenomenon in the area since 1996 and called on the local government authority to do something to arrest the ugly trend.

For Mrs. Ogechi Ojiribe who also deals in provision, "we have been battling with flood every year. Our efforts however have not yielded much. Every year our goods are damaged by flood. Government should come to our aid. For me I have lost goods worth over N300.000.00 to the flood. This is the third time we are experiencing this colossal loss this year alone.

Mr. Isaac Okwuaze, a beans seller said the latest flooding has thrown him into debt of over N800, 000.00. He bemoaned the poor state of the road and drainage system in the area, saying it is what is responsible for the flood, which he said has remained a threat to store owner in the area.

Another trader who spoke to Ika Weekly was Mr. Livinus Nwakanma, whose goods (salt) were completely soaked by rain water. He lamented the loss of over N400, 000.00. He stated that each time it rains, they are always filled with apprehension, especially whenever there is a heavy downpour.

He remarked that part of the problem is caused by a woman who sells maggi cubes down the road, along Convent Street, whose store is built on the waterway. He called on the government to direct the said woman to remove her structure from its present position to allow free flow of water.

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