Pastor Odibashi is dead; Set ablaze by wife.

The remains of 37 years old Late Pastor Percy Odibashi who died of fire burns when his wife threw a lit stove at him was buried on Friday 15 may, 2009 at the family?s compound.

According to a family source the Late Pastor got married to his wife, Cordelia Hope Odibashi (nee Iweh) in a traditional wedding ceremony in 2002, even though they had their first child in 1999 during their courtship days.

The source further revealed that the marriage which produced four children has been peaceful and enjoyable until the late pastor brought in one of his younger brothers, Endurance to live with them in 2008. This according to our source did not go down with his wife, who vehemently kicked against it. And that was the turning point in the hitherto rosy union.

On the day of the fatal incident, late Pastor Percy Odibashi came home and was eating the meal he bought outside at about 8.00pm when the wife walked in and started dancing and mocking at him. It was gathered that the woman who no longer did anything for the husband as a fall out of her protestation against Endurance?s stay with them, said that there must be bloodshed at the home that night.

Suddenly she went to the change over and removed the fuse of the generator which was supplying light to the home, throwing the whole peace into darkness. Late Pastor Odibashi on seeing this quietly went outside but to his surprise, he saw his wife coming at him wielding a knife, against which he acted quickly by picking up a stick and knocking the knife off her hands.

It was revealed further that she ran into the house, but this time closely followed by the husband who wanted to disarm her of any dangerous object she might want to use again, but to his utter consternation, the wife lifted up the stove that she was cooking with and threw it at late Percy at close range, which set him instantly ablaze.

Like a burning torch, he tried to run outside, shouting but fell down before he could make it. However, his shout attracted co-tenants who came to his rescue and rushed him to the hospital. In the darkness, which now enveloped them, the wife disappeared and vanished into thin air.

The family source stated that Mrs. Cordelia Odibashi who is now on the run is a hairdresser and has her saloon along Orubor Street, was expelled from her late husband?s church for her alleged ill behaviour, and worships in another church before the ungodly incident which saw the father of four, Pastor Percy Odibashi, exit into the great beyond.

Late Pastor Odibashi whose is the second son and child of the family of seven children is survived by four brothers, sister, mother and his four children.

Meanwhile the manhunt for the for the elusive Mrs. Cordelia Odibashi is still on.

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