TERROR IN ALIFEKEDE: Village under siege; Community Chairman Narrowly Escapes Death In The Hands Of An Ex-Convict

The indigenes of Alifekede in Ika South Local Government Area now lives in fear as the menace of cultism and its aggressive tendency threatens the security of lives and property in the community.

Recently the secretary to the Alifekade youths body Com. Nwaneaze Deick was threatened by gun totting youths.

According to Ika Weekly Source, the drama started unfolding when a group of boys trouped into the village causing fear and anxiety to the peace loving members of the community. Their fear and anxiety were not misplaced, as girls in the community were harassed while some young boys were herded into the community primary school for initiation into their cult group.

Consequently, the source further revealed the alleged leader of the group, one Mr. Elias who happened to be one of villagers was summoned by the youths of the village where he was given an ultimatum to send his gangsters out of the village. But he was not so disposed and therefore challenged the youths. That was when the secretary was almost shot dead if not for the timely arrival of the police.

On sighting the police, the yougman and his group took their heels and left the village with dispatch.

In another development, the life of a Community Chairman in Abavo kingdom was threatened by a youngman who was recently released from jail, which he served at the Prison Services, Agbor.

According to our source, the youngman, a resident of Ekuma Quarter in Abavo kingdom came home after serving his jail term only to discover that he has become a total outcast. Moreso, when his alleged group members have all left their village to one European country or the other. This infuriated and frustrated him.

To have his pound of flesh, he turned against the elders of Ekuma Community whom he felt were behind his predicament. Choosing the community chairman as the man person to settle scores with and threatened to shoot him with a gun, which he pointed at his temple.

Fortunately for the chairman, one of his daughters who hid herself behind the door, having overhead all that was said and witnessed what was going on, with the man holding her father to ransom, screamed in hysteria which attracted neighbours who responded swiftly to the distress call.

The source further revealed that as soon as the yougman heard the scream and heard voices coming towards the house, he panicked and took to his heels. However, luck ran out on him as the police who were alerted caught him, packing his household items in order to escape from the village.

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