The suspension was called
off after a general resolution by the house during one of their seating at the
council?s secretariat.


Hon. Alex Azeru in his
speech explained that the former leader, Hon. Agboile have served the
suspension term very well and as such was welcomed back as a member.


Hon. Agboile expressing his
feelings and gratitude to the house for deeming him fit again to be part of
them said, he will as a good citizen of Nigeria work unanimously with other
members of the house for the development of the local government.


Hon. Agbolie while fielding
questions from the press on the effect of the two months suspension observed
that life itself has both bitter and sweet experiences which every living
individual is bound to encounter. He said that his experiences during the
period has given him a new might in his political career. He therefore advised
his colleagues to cooperate with the present leader of the house in order to
move the council forward.


In another development, the
Chief Superintendent Officer, (CSO) Emmanuel A. Aina incharge of Agbor Police
Division was invited by the house over issues on crime and other related
matters affecting the local government, citing an instance where a boy that
sells phone accessories and recharge cards was allegedly murdered on 2nd
of June 2009 at Umudein Street by Ojeifor at 9 pm by unknown gunmen.


The CSO reacting to the
above submission stated that the issue of crime in Agbor in particular is not
too rampant when compared to other areas in Delta State.
While explaining, he also said that most of the crimes are perpetuated by men
of the under world who make use of motorcycles to carry out their heinous acts.


He affirmed that since his
resumption of office in Agbor, February this year, he has tried with his men to
boost security in the area but has, however, been limited by so many factors,
which range from manpower to official vehicles for the police as a means of
enhancing coverage of the place.


In a swift reaction to the
issue of the demise of the boy, and none arrest of suspects yet, C.S.O. Aina
said there is no law backing the arrest and changing to court of defaulters who
ply motorcycles after 7 pm. A situation he maintained has made it difficult for
them to carry out their duties effectively, especially detecting suspects. 


The Chief also told the
house that, external influences from the public is also hindering their
performance as they have to apply human feelings in their operation. He however
gave his word to the honourable hat the police will do their best in combating
crime in Agbor and environs.              


His observation however
ignited some contrary responses from members of the House who reasoned that the
policy statement, not to allow any motorcyclist to ply the roads after 7 pm
within the state as pronounced by the then governor, His Excellency Chief James
Onanefe Ibori is still binding in every other local government in Delta State
and therefore disagreed with the C.S.O that that of Ika South Local Government
should be an exception or will still need a bill to be passed into low before
it could be enforced.


The House also submitted
that it is not happy with the police who collects fine from defaulters and
release their bikes, adding that this action has undermined the execution of
the pronouncement, since motorcyclists already know that they can reclaim their
bikes with peanuts.

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