was coming at the heels of the death of their father, Late John Onwuemerie in
February 2009 and their mother, late Mrs. Onwuemerie who died on 30th
June, and burial concluded on 3rd July of this same 2009.


of the six children Mr. Friday Onwuemerie and Mr. Ozioma Onwuemerie who are now
orphans and without a roof over their heads came into Ika Weekly office in the
morning of 9th July, 2009 looking totally dejected and tired as they
narrated their long tale of woes.


Mr. Friday Onwuemerie, the third child of the family and a graduate of
Accountancy from Ebonyi State University ESU, Enugu, the latest catastrophe
came upon them suddenly while they were they were praying with some relations
and guests who slept over, consoling them on the death of their mother. He said
that the generator suddenly went off and they ere thrown into darkness,
lamenting that when they came out to check the cause of the anormally, they saw
that their house was on fire. They raised an alarm and neigbhours quickly
rushed to their aid, and helped put off the fire.


further said that as they were thanking and praising God for the fire that has
been put under control, they saw to their horror, fire burning with the
fierceness of a windstorm erupt from the other end of the house. This,
according to him, sent everybody on their heels as they ran for their dear
lives, more afraid than being incapable of putting off the flame. He bemoaned
that they lost everything to the fire.


Onwuemerie also expressed fear over the turn of events since February 2009 and
wondered whether there could be anything more than the eyes can see, that is
afflicting the family. ?As at now, Ozioma is studying sociology at the Delta State University, Abraka while Ruth is reading Accounting
Education at the University of Benin, with one of them at the secondary school
level, Marymount College, Owa. What are we expected to
do? I am yet to be employed,? he said miserable.


therefore appealed to the Owa
Kingdom, Ika nation the
Local Government Councils, the State and Federal Government as well as
individuals and corporate bodies to come to their aid as they have nothing left
order than the clothes on their bodies. He especially called on the churches to
put them in prayer as they know that something sinister has been let loose on


the same development, a gospel musician, Mr. Peter Okorie with the stage name
of Sir Peter Okorie who hails from Ekuku-Agbor also came to Ika Weekly office
lamenting over his loss to the fire.


to him, he and his wife, whom he married on the 25th of March, 2009
had already retired for the night when he became aware that the generator had
gone off at about 10.15pm and was about heading out of the house to check the
cause, when he heard shouts of ?neighbour! neighbour, come out. The house is on


they sought to get out but their door refused to open until they were enveloped
in thick darkness and smoke. He further said that the ceiling suddenly lit up
and they were barely able to get outside when the roof caved in. According to
the gospel musician, he has lost everything they had laboured for, including
three motorcycles, his recently completed vides master tape for his audio album
?I will make it,? as well as all the wedding gifts they received during their
wedding. He further disclosed that himself now the wife came out with only
their clothes they were wearing ?and those are the only possessions we can
boast of now,? he said in great pain.


also said that his wife is now in her parents place, at Ottah, Igbanke. He
appealed to all kind hearted individuals for help.

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