Excerpts from Ika proverbs

ONU IKA                                           TRANSLATIONS

Mirin zue oka mirin.                            Some rains are heavier than others (matter

of degree, comparison).


Mirin mala enyi, wa                               The elephant must ever be exposed to rain

tuna olo.                                               because a house is never built for it.


Mirin efin ra ora ye ehua.                        The water consumed by a cow is for its own 



Mirin bi aghirin eme ibu.                        When rain stops, the mat used in protecting oneself

                                                            becomes a liability. 


Omeni mirin amani                                If rain does not beat an indigene of Awu

onyen Awu aghon aghirin.                     (Abavo), he never buys the mat for shielding off 


Culled from the book: Agbor Proverbs and Idioms by Prince Adams O. Gbenoba


Compiled by Steve Ekiri Mekiriuwa Ashien


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