IKA WEEKLY – As the day goes by, the erosion menace attacking Boji-Boji metropolis is assuming a frightening dimension with almost every part of the metropolis giving in to the intimidating pressure of the monster of erosion.


The Orogodo bridge which is the entry and exit point of the metropolis has become a nightmare experience to commuters, and pedestrians who go through unimaginable harrowing time passing through that part of the Old Lagos/Asaba road on a daily basis.


A drive round the metropolis will reveal that most of the culverts have been completely destroyed, thereby accentuating the erosion problem of the area.


For instance, for sometime now, the Mariere junction by the old Lagos/Asaba road has completely broken down to the extent that vehicles no longer pass through that part of the street to connect the rest parts of the town.


Each time it rains the Orogodo River overflows its banks, spilling rainwater to the bridge mouth. The problem is heightened by the very bad condition of areas surrounding the bridge, which have been washed away by erosion.


There have been series of calls by the people of Ika nation to the governments both at the Local Councils and State levels to come to their aid while a good number of articles have been written about the state of not only the bridge but the whole of the Old Lagos/Asaba road.


Ika Weekly since its inception has made several representations through its editorial columns, articles and reports, calling on the appropriate authorities to find a lasting solution to the problem. But none have been heeded so far.


In view of the above and the need for us to meet with our social responsibility that we once again draw the attention of those in authority to commence the process of rehabilitating the old Lagos/Asaba road and most importantly the Orogodo bridge which could cave in any moment if noting drastic is done about it.


It must be emphasized that the socio-economic life of the people is highly dependent on the good condition of the road and the bridge. It is therefore imperative for government to start putting measures in place, so that once the rain ceases, work can commence in earnest.


We strongly believe the governor of Delta State, Dr. Emmanuel Udughan when he promised during his campaign visit to Ika South on Saturday, 24th March, 2007, at the Government field Agbor to dualise the Old Lagos/Asaba road, which by implication translates to the repairs of the Orogodo Bridge, knowing the governor as a man stand by his word, we are confident that he will fulfill his promise to dualise the road and effect repairs on the Orogodo bridge.


This paper is of the strong opinion that governments of any kind and system are established for the interest of the people. Infact governance is a social contract between the leaders and the followers. It therefore becomes imperative for those in positions of authority to always attend promptly to issues and complaints of general concern. The happiness of the greater number of the citizenry should always be the interest of our public office holders.


The Orogodo bridge is pivotal to the socio-economic lives of the residents of Boji-Boji metropolis in particular and the entire Ika nation in general.


That is why we are reiterating the urgent need for government to rehabilitate the Old Lagos/Asaba road and the strategic Orogodo Bridge for the interest of the people, because the present condition of the road and the bridge is becoming a thing of shame for the people of Ika nation.

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