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The family of Omoregbe and indeed,
residents Hospital Road, Ake-Igbanke in Edo State have been thrown into a moment
of grief as an elderly woman, Mrs. Victoria Eluromma Omoregbe who became a
widow barely 2 years ago, was slain in her own farm on Monday, June 28, 2010.
It was an incident that has brought fear into the minds of the people of the
community, especially the female farmers who have resulted to staying at home
unless their husbands agree to go to farm with them.


Speaking to Ika Weekly
concerning the incident, first daughter of the slain woman, Mrs. Patricia
Igiede, who is a trader and based in Benin-City, Edo State said that she was in
Benin in the morning of Tuesday, June 29, 2010, when she received a call from
home that her mother, who left for farm the previous day has not returned. She
stated that she had to move down to Igbanke village immediately, and that by
the time she got home, a search party had already swung into action, to look
for her mother. She added that it was in the morning of that Tuesday that the
body of Mrs. Victoria Omoregbe was found in her farm.


Also speaking, a member of the family
who goes by the name, O.C. Tailor, said that he was one of those who went to
search for the late woman in the morning of Tuesday. He said that when they got
to her farm, they saw Mrs. Omoregbe’s bicycle parked at a section of the farm
and some cassava stems that she has cut to size, ready for planting also not
too far from the bicycle, including some firewood. “When we got to the farm, we
saw her hoe, a weeding cutlass, her underwear and a cap very close to where her
body was found that was when we raised an alarm and we immediately reported the
matter to the police for investigation,” he narrated.


Mrs. Ann Onyeatoelu, second daughter of
the late woman who operates a restaurant in Orogodo town, said that when she
received a call from her relations in the village on Tuesday morning, informing
her that her mother went to farm the previous day and has not returned, she
immediately knew that something bad has happened to her mother. “We all went to
the bush on that Tuesday morning to look for her. As we kept searching for her
after we have seen her working tools, someone beckoned on us that he has found
her. As I was moving towards that direction, I though that my mother was still
alive and was going to call me. But what I saw was the lifeless body of my mother,”
she lamented, adding that her mother has never offended anybody in the


Mrs. Victoria Eluromma Omoregbe, was
described by residents of the community that were present at the family
compound, as very humble and easy going. They said that she was very open to
people and was always willing to lend a helping hand to her neighbours.


O.C. Tailor who said he is deeply
touched by the way and manner the woman was killed, stated that he has called
on the police, the youths, the vigilante group and the elders in the community,
to leave no stone unturned towards tracking down the perpetrators of the
heinous crime. He added that he has been assured by the police in Igbanke that
they are working round the  clock to track
down the killers.


It could be recalled that a similar
incident also took place barely a month before the present one, in which
someone was also murdered in the farm close to Idumuodin quarters in Igbanke


The body of late Mrs. Victoria Omoregbe,
who is a mother of 6 children, has been deposited in a mortuary, as
investigations still continues over the incident, and according to a member of
the family, some arrests have already been made, while 3 suspects are beginning
to help the police in the matters as at the time of filing this report.

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