Chief Godson Echegile to be made ambassador

Chief Godson Echegile made ambassadorial list. President Umaru Yar’Adua has nominated Chief Godson Echegile From Ika North East Area, Delta for confirmation by the senate as ambassador. Echegile made the list of 62 ambassadorial nominees which was read on the floor of the Senate yesterday by the Senate President, Senator David Mark.

In the covering letter to the list, President Yar’ Adua said the appointment of the nominees was in accordance with section 171(c) sub-section 4 of the 1999 constitution and expressed the hope that the Senate would approve their appointment expeditiously. The Senate President appealed to his colleagues to warn the nominees not to attempt to reach any of them (senators) for the purpose of bribing them to confirm their (nominees’) appointment. He said that the upper chamber would be fair to all nominees just like it did with the first set of ministerial nominees it screened recently. According to him, “I must warn that you should tell your nominees that there is no need to see anybody through the back door by carrying “Ghana Must Go” bag. We did well with the previous ministerial nominees and we intend to do well with this.” He said that the new ministerial nominees would be screened live like their counterparts via network broadcasting while the ambassadorial nominees would not get the same opportunity due to paucity of funds. He, however, said that when the ambassadorial nominees would be screened by the Foreign Affairs Committee headed by Senator Jubril Aminu, the exercise would be recorded and air time would be bought to show it on Television for Nigerians to watch.

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