The year 2007 is gradually but inexorably drawing to a close as we enter into the ‘ember’ months with the month of September is about three almost gone.


This period of the year is peculiar for many reasons, one of which is the Christian celebration of Christmas which incidentally falls within the end of the year. Another reason which is paramount to people all over the world is the New Year celebration which ushers in another brand new year with a lot of promises and resolutions by Nigerians and other people the world over.


Individuals, as a result of the need to meet up with competing demands engage in diverse activities, which are either wholesome or unhealthy.


A lot of persons believe, rightly or wrongly, that the period is synonymous with bad occurrences. It is assumed that road accidents take place more during this time than in any other time of the year, and that social miscreants get involved in such social vices as armed robbery, advance fee fraud 419, prostitution, burglary just to make money with which to celebrate an event that is supposed to improve our moral and spiritual lives.


With the high rate of accidents associated with the ‘ember’ months, people believe it is because of the mad rush for the drivers to go several trips in a day that causes road mishaps.


While acknowledging the fact that the ‘ember’ months is a period of accelerated human activities this paper calls for greater caution and care, especially amongst commercial drivers who are in the habit of over-speeding and reckless driving on the highway. They should understand that ‘slow and steady wins the race’ and that life has no duplicate. The safety of their passengers and other road users should be their upper most concern.


Persons planning to engage in other anti-social activities should realize that there are prizes to be paid when caught, and therefore should desist from such evil acts.


The police should equally place its men and officers on alert especially at strategic positions, so as to nib any negative action in the bud. They must endeavour to protect lives and property during the ‘ember’ months.

Infact, it is the duty of all and sundry to make these ‘ember’ months safe for a peaceful and enjoyable Christmas and New Year celebrations. In this regard, Ika weekly wishes all and sundry happy celebration in advance.

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