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The situation in Agbor appears to be escalating by the day with demands for his unconditional return to Agbor kingdom and counter demands from the Dein with conditions of his own.

On Saturday 14th October 2017, Agbor youths and elders took to the streets of Ime-Obi to to peacefully protest the absence of the Dein from his kingdom over more than one year.

The protesters walked from Ime-Obi market to Olihe compound, the ancestral home of Jim Ovia, Chairman Zenith Bank. According to one of the leaders of the protest, ”the compound was desolate” and the protester took a group photograph at the gate. This protest to the Olihe’s compound was also to assist the Obielihe people demanding for their chief to return home from Lagos where he has been living for decades. A reliable source told that the Olihe is part of the growing number of Agbor chiefs refered to as ”Online chiefs” who reside outside Agbor and are active on facebook. To make matters worse according to people close to the situation, and perhaps funny too, the Olihe does not even accept friend request on facebook from his subject or people that know him as the Olihe of Agbor.

Protesters at Olihe Compound in Obielihe (Photo credit: Augustine Ekamagule)

The protesters later proceeded to the Agbor palace to know if their demands have been delivered to the Dein last Sunday 8th of October. On their arrival, a few of the protesters that can traditionally enter the palace were allowed in. They were informed that the Dein has received their demands and that the Dein has demands of his own which includes that Hon. Festus Okoh (Chuky Dandy) should provide him with a plane ticket to return home.

He also demanded that a new house built for him because his ancestral residence was not fit for him to live in anymore. If he must return immediately, then a decent hotel should be provided for him in Agbor or Asaba until a decent house is provided for him. In addition portable water has to be provided.

Concerning his use of a woman to run the palace, according to the Dein, if tradition abhors it, an alternative person should be provided for him. The dein made sure to let the protesters know that the woman, Theresa Ugbobu, is the only person he trusts.

These new demands are also similar to the demands the Dein sent on Friday 13th October 2017.

According to accounts from the protest that is already in circulation, the protesters informed the Dein that his return cannot be attached to any condition.

When the protesters arrived at the Agbor Community Union meeting at 13.00 and related the message of the Dein, Hon. Festus Okoh (Chuky Dandy) furiously made his position clear. Hon. Festus Okoh disputed that he should buy the Dein a plane ticket. His position was that the Dein has his number and could have called if the case was true. He also made a case that over the years, the Dein has denied certain statements that were claimed to have been made by the Dein. Hon. Festus Okoh then made it clear that all that is going on if for the love of Agbor Kingdom and the love of the Dein.

It was during the meeting that people were informed that Hon. Festus Okoh has been summoned to the DSS office in Asaba. It is not clear why he has been invited but there is suspicion that this is in relation to the on-going demands that the Dein should return home to his kingdom.

After series of debates, Agbor Community Union set up a committee to implement the demand that the Dein should return to Agbor kingdom within 14 days.

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  1. How does an Agbor indegene in the USA contribute to helping rebuild the Obi’s palace? Please, contact me by responding to this. Thanks.

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