PEACE RETURNS TO ABAVO; Clan Union Pays Homage to Monarch – IKA WEEKLY

Following the ruling of the High Court 4 in Asaba, the executive of Abavo Clan Union led by Mr. Jonathan Agbejiagwe on Saturday, December 8, 2018 paid a congratulatory visit/homage on the Obi of Abavo kingdom, King Uche Irenuma 11 at his royal palace.

Others in the entourage of the Abavo Clan Union were the community chairmen, the Olotus and Chief F. A. Onyekpeze.

Speaking during the visit, Mr. Jonathan Agbejiagwe said they were in the palace to formally felicitate with Obi Irenuma on the recent court judgment that affirmed his kingship. His words, “there is always an end to everything that has beginning as the judgment has sealed the conflict that had engulfed the peace of the community. Today, I congratulate Obi Irenuma on behalf of Ndí Awú on his victory. Though this visit was belated because as the President of Abavo people in whom confidence is reposed, coming with my executive was ideal for me. I had thought the gate of the palace wouldn’t be opened for me to see the monarch who on this day has welcomed us warmly, indicating that there is a new beginning for Abavo and her people. It’s on note that the judgment of 22nd of November in favour of His Majesty marked the beginning of good tidings for our fatherland. On this premise, every Abavo person that was on the other side with me during the crises must queue behind our king whose authority reigns supreme in this land”, Agbejiagwe said.

Chief Onyekpeze remarked the visit of the clan union to the abode of the custodian of culture, tradition and values of Abavo to pay him royal homage was a thing of joy to him in the peace building process. Onyekpeze who used the occasion to congratulate King Irenuma for adopting the ‘NO WINNER NO VANQUISH’ approach, noted that he was optimistic that the privileges that eluded “Awu” during the conflict would be restored.

In his response, Obi Uche Irenuma 11 who began his speech with words of appreciation to God for sustenance thanked the executive of the town union for doing the needful. He said as the father of Abavo people, he was overwhelmed when he received the message of their coming. King Irenuma who said it was reasonable that a third party meddles in an issue without bias, stated that he was baffled that ACU president could flagrantly take side with his accuser, Sunday Chukwuka and instigated his subjects against him. While stressing that he has forgiven everyone who wronged him, he also reiterated that he had no personal quarrel with Abavo people.

“I have great regard for Ndi Awu and in a civilised society when conflicts cannot be resolved in the house, it’s a competent court of law that makes resolution and that was exactly what happened in our case. I have put everything behind me. Jonathan is my son whose sins are forgiven. He is here with his Exco because the court has done justice to the case. I should remind all of us that politically, Abavo missed many benefits. But as a traditional ruler, I should be able to speak for my people before politicians. Fighting your traditional ruler was an outright show of foolishness. Whoever feels he was wronged by me, I urge such person to put it behind him too. Take the palace like your home. The role everyone played while the conflict lasted was pre-destined by God. Now we must begin afresh. I urge the clan union to as a matter of fact, quickly reach out to the palace whenever the need arises, Obi Uche noted.

Affirming the stand of the traditional institution on the collection of market levies, the Obi said the authority was delegated to the clan union for the purpose of servicing the communities that make up the kingdom and as such, he was revoking the powers earlier given owing to countless evidences of abuse of such privilege. According to him, the council will have to meet with the palace and the youths to discuss on the levy collection and sharing formula.

Moreso, he remarked that the dissolution of the youth executive few days ago was convened to the president general of the clan union. He further noted that as a king, he would continue to regard the office of the clan union.