WHAT OWA KINGDOM NEEDS FROM OKOWA – By Solomon Omojie-mgbejume


By Solomon Omojie-mgbejume

It’s true that the Governor of Delta state Dr Ifeanyi Arthur Okowa is from Owa kingdom, specifically Owa-Alero. But my question is where is the mega project in owa kingdom? While we thank Okowa, descendant of Ehiade, for some of the roads and the markets being constructed in owa, I am yet to see any mega project in site. This is also a call on OWA people in government like Eboigbe, Victor Efeizomor,kingsly Emu and those outside Government such as Irabor, Obaigbena, Osokogu, uncle Victor Buzugbe, OWA progressive union and OWA consultative forum to please talk and mount sustained pressure on the governor and Delta State Government to site a life changing project in Owa kingdom. We need a State Government higher institution to be sited in Owa for the benefit of Owa, Ika North East and Delta State. The Delta State Government can site a college of technology or a specialized university in owa as this will boost economic development in Ika North East. And if you look at it, Ika North East is one of the places that does not have a Government tertiary institution.

Owa business men and elites can also attract a big manufacturing plant that will have private public partnership as this will reduce unemployment,.

Let a big specialist hospital with kidney, cancer and heart disease treatment centre be established in owa kingdom. 
The Delta State Government can start a monorail system that will start from Owa railway village to Warri and another to Asaba, this will kick start business in owa and delta as a whole. 

Our stadium in Oyibu is still not completed. We urge the Delta State Government to do it urgently and complete it. While other Ika kingdoms are already in the plan for mega projects, am yet to see any one in owa kingdom and I think Owa people should wake up as there is no gain in saying the governor is my brother while projects that could change lives are not in place. So Owa quit sleeping, don’t be docile.

 Once again, I appreciate Governor Okowa for what he is doing but I say it’s not enough as OWA needs life changing projects and this is what will immortalize your name in owa and Ika, just as Ibori built the stadium and a teaching hospital in Oghara

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  1. This is simply a suggestion: One of the best ways to speed-up local economic growth and developments that can possibly usher in a new era of wealth creation in Ika kingdom is to entice or encourage all indigenes of Ika in the diaspora to return home. You must provide some incentives, though!
    Solomon’s plea is well understood, but Okowa’s hands are tied. He cannot do this alone and time is running out!

  2. It is long over due. Indeed owa kingdom needs at least a University of Health Sciences and Technology. If this is done, it will bring massive employment and foster economic development within IKa NE LGA and Delta State.

  3. God bless you. A University of Medical Sciences will help our children who are been denied admission to study medicine. A delta applied for medicine he is offered zoology. Time is running out.

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