It was an unbelievable revelation as a 52 year old woman, Mrs. Justina Edo, an indigene of Oyoko, Abavo, Ika South Local Government Area, died after confessing her indulgence in adulterous act with a primary School Teacher, Mr. Irubor Friday.

Speaking with Ika weekly at his residence in Oyoko, the bereaved husband, Mr. Edo Paul while lamenting the circumstances that led to his wife’s death, said his wife had been in sick bed for a long time, disclosing that he (Edo Paul) had taken the late Justina to different Hospitals and Tradomedical homes for solutions but to no avails

Mr. Edo and noted that his wife confessed her indulgence in the act on Tuesday 29th November when it was dawn on her that she would not survive the mysterious illness, adding that his wife died on 2nd December, 2011. The deceased’s husband however pointed out that the alleged adulterer, Mr. Irubor Friday, who is an indigene of Udomi, Abavo, had agreed at the Obi of Abavo’s Palace to have slept with the married woman. Mr. Edo said the Highness ruled against the act and ordered the alleged adulterer to perform certain traditional rites to cleanse the atrocious act as well as appease the gods of the land, stating that Edo’s family had told Mr. lrubor to take financial responsibility of the deceased’s burial, but has not complied.

It was gathered that the adultery incident has placed Mr. Paul’s, family in disarray as the bereaved husband has not been his real self since the saga unfolded. "I have suspended farm activities while my children are staying helpless at home since my wife became sick, till now’’. He stated.

First son of the deceased Mr. Edo Monday, who spoke in severe anger said her mother’s illness almost brought disunity among her (Mrs. Justina Edo) family, saying they were accusation that one of the family members was responsible for the sickness before Mrs. Justina’s confession. Mr. Monday therefore called on the adulterer to adhere to the order of the Highness if he does not want to face the wrath of the gods.

Elder brother of the deceased, Mr. Okpiawere J.B who spoke in disappointing mood said he was annoyed when he held the news of his sister’s involvement in adultery, saying his family members were disappointed with the deceased. Mr. Abraham Edo, the Elder brother of the bereaved husband told Ika Weekly that his brother, Paul, had been subjected to undeserved suffering because he would not eat in his house until the adulterer comes to perform the prescribed cleansing.

Ika Weekly could not reach the alleged adulterer at the time of filling this report

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