IKA WEEKLY – The long abandoned Alisimie-Oza-Nogogo and Omumu road in Ika South Local Government Area, which successive governments could not attend to, is now wearing a pleasant look. Thanks to the magnanimity of the immediate past government of Chief James Onanefe Ibori that deemed it wise to award the contract for its construction, and the government of the Dr. Emmanuel Eweta Uduaghan which made sure the project was executed.


The people of Alisimie can now heave a big sigh of relief because those domiciled there and the ones in diaspora can now travel freely without any encumbrance to and from their villages. The people who are predominantly farmers can now convey their farm produce to the urban centers where they are majorly needed to feed the teeming urban dwellers.


The tarring of the Ime-Obi-Alisimie axis of the road is a big plus to the indigenes of the affected villages because it will promote socio-economic activities in the areas. Market women and those involved in the trading of farm produce will now have smooth ride to the villages to carry out their businesses.


It must be noted however that the long stretch in the Oza-Nogogo area and the Ogogo market – Dein palace road are yet to be constructed or tarred. This, I would want to believe is not a deliberate attempt to exclude the people of the area from benefiting from the largesse of the government but probably to attend to a section one at a time. The reason I am saying this is because there have been series of complaints and pleas from the people of Oza-Nogogo over the seeming neglect of their community in the on-going road construction and rehabilitation in Ika South Local Government Area by the state government.


While our people are appreciative of the kind and humane gesture and effort of the government of Delta State under the dynamic leadership of Dr. Udughan and Prof. Utuama in seeing to a sustained improvement in the living condition of Deltans, I would want to appeal to the authorities concerned to expedite action on the said portions in Oza-Nogogo and Omumu. That would give a sense of belonging to the people and increase their allegiance to the government. The case of Oza-Nogogo is special because it produces alkaline which is useful for industrial needs and equally has a burrow pit where sand can be gotten for construction purposes.


However, it must be emphasized that the people of Ika nation are grateful to the state government for the various projects going on in their area, with particular reference to the Abavo and Ekwuoma Modern markets which are simultaneously going on and are nearing completion.


I still want to reiterate the need for the commencement of rehabilitation work on the Old Lagos/Asaba road and the Orogodo bridge, which has been so much in the news in recent times because of its deplorable state.


Dr. Uduaghan in his first hundred (100) days in office has shown a lot desires to fulfil his electoral of promises, and one is hoping that the tempo and sense of direction so far exhibited will not taper with time, but would increase as Deltans, desirous of development, have freely given their support and encouragement to his administration.


Considering Udughan’s performance and experience in public administration, and his avowed declaration to unrelentlessly pursue his government’s three point programme of peace and security, human capital development and infrastructural development, I have no doubt that within the shortest possible time; Delta State will assume a pride of place in Nigeria.

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