AGBOR (Ika Weekly) – Skill acquisition workers have been playing important role to the communities and the state at large.


A visit to one of the Blacksmith workshops along Old Lagos/Asaba road revealed that they manufacture farming tools, poultry equipment, cooking utensils, oil palm processing machines and many others


An interview with the Chairman of the Blacksmith union, Mr. Nkemehule Ofunim shows that they can do more if they are financially empowered. 


Mr. Ofunim said it is a job that requires hardwork, just like every other work requires determination.


He said the job does not amount to suffering as people think; explaining that what ever you do and after which there is gain should not be regarded as suffering.


Explaining further, Mr. Ofunim said their products have been so useful to people, not only farmers, but also to students who come to them for industrial training (IT), and that technical schools also use their workshops for practical lectures to their students.


Mr. Ofunim citied an example with Japan, saying that the government of that country showed great concern to this kind of work and encouraged them as he wished it were the same in Nigeria. He suggested that government should send students with technical bias to them for training.


He encouraged the young ones in the business to be hardworking, adding that hardwork is an investment that pays high dividends.

Mr. Ofunim then appealed to public-spirited individuals, and the government to empower them financially, saying that they need electronic machines for ease of production of equipment.

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