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Obi of Abavo Kingdom in Ika South Local Government Area of Delta State, His
Royal Majesty Uche Irenuma II, has said that he is occupying the ancient throne
of his ancestors not by oracle manipulation but by the grace of God Almighty.

Obi who was reacting to a publication in a community newspaper credited to one
Prince Andrew Jegbefume, that an oracle has told them that he (Obi) is not the
rightful heir to the throne remarked that since he was not enthroned by the
power of man-made oracle, he cannot be dethroned by the oracle manipulation.

Abavo monarch who stated this when he addressed a mammoth crowd of members of
the royal family, king makers, Abavo Council of Chiefs, community leaders, the
Olotus, Executive and members of Abavo Clan Union at the Royal Palace, Abavo on
Wednesday June 6, 2012 revealed that since the creation of 5% allocation of  the council revenue to traditional rulers,
and the moving in of Pan Ocean Oil Corporation into Abavo kingdom for oil
exploration, the activities of some members of the royal family have almost
created breakdown of law and order especially last week if not for the quick
intervention of the Nigeria Police, Abavo division and Abavo Vigilante group.
He named the persons as Mr. Emmanuel Ekhator (Leader and Sponsor of the group),
Mr. Andrew Enyali Jegbefume, Mr. Igbodo Iguma, Mr. Martin David, Miss Onyisi
Ekhator and Mr. Raymond Ogwu.

Irenuma told the people that dangerous weapons were freely used by the above
named persons and their agents in their attempt to kidnap and assassinate his
person and the queen mother, simply because their sponsor, Emmanuel Ekhator who
is based in the United States of America lost in his bid to become the
contractor to Pan Ocean Oil Corporation/carrying out the rig/oil exploration
activities in Abavo kingdom. His Royal Majesty disclosed that when their
desperate efforts to lay false allegation and instigate the community to social
unrest and anarchy over royalty failed woefully, because of the level of
falsehood involved, they immediately changed their tactics and reverted to the
claim of ownership of the throne of Abavo kingdom, which he ascended, after his
father, Obi James Irenuma 1, had ruled for more than ten years.�

said the same people who went to bring his father from Oyoko where he was
trained like other heir apparent to the throne and who also participated in his
coronation are the same persons who are now saying that an oracle told them
something contrary. �Where were they for the past 30 years? Were there no
oracles at that time? If they want the public to believe them, let them tender
a DNA test of Obi Irenuma and his father Obi Ekhator Jegbefume II. It is only
there and then that the public will see them as serious claimant,� Obi Irenuma II

therefore, urged the entire people of Abavo to disregard and discountenance
such evil claim, assuring that the hosting of Ogwa-Ika summit billed for Abavo
in August this year will be adequately hosted.

traditional ruler also revealed that the disgruntled group later embarked on
writing a petition to the government, using the chairman of Abavo Clan Union,
Mr. Andrew Okoh, as a cover, asking that the kings royalty be paid into the
Union’s account which is managed by the chairman, Mr. Andrew Okoh.

said he has reliable information that kidnappers from the neighbouring states
have been contracted to kidnap his person and the queen mother, and called on
the Deputy Governor of Delta State, Prof Amos Utuama who oversees
traditional  institutions, the state
security outfits in Delta State, Police Command Head-quarters, Asaba, the SSS,
Joint Task Force and D.P.O at Abavo Police station to step up action that will
prevent the named persons from carrying out their ultimate goal of plunging
Abavo kingdom into a state of pandemonium.

Abavo indigenes in favour of amicable resolution of the issues at stake include
the Uwangue of Abavo, Dr. Chief Ifeanyi Ehijene, the Olowu of Abavo, Chief D.E.
Okem Obiki, the Eno of Abavo, Chief Agbeje Osemegha, the representative of the
Olihe of Abavo, Chief Tatoabuzogwu, the Nzereagwu Obi of Abavo, Chief Mrs.
Nwocha Amayo who is also a member of the royal family. The other side of the story:

a related development Prince Andrew Jegbefume has stated that Alhaji Uche
Irenuma II is not the Obi of Abavo, saying that the throne was supplanted about
21 years ago by the father of the incumbent monarch when he (Obi James Irenuma
Ekhator) together with some members of the royal family denied the then heir to
the throne, Mr. Sunday Ekhator his right to be king.

stated that the late Obi of Abavo, HRM I. E. Jegbefume II before his death
wrote and copied to the Oba of Benin and traditional rulers in Ika land that
when he dies, his eldest son, Sunday Ekhator will succeed him as the succession
to the Abavo throne is hereditary by pre-mogeniture. He posited that since the
throne was falsefully given to Uche’s father against their late father’s wish,
five members of the royal family have died, the recent being Francis Jegbefume,
his immediate younger brother.

revealed that after the death of Francis they went to consult an oracle to know
what was killing members of the family, and it was confirmed that the person
occupying the throne of Abavo is not the right man to be there and until he
gets out, people will continue to die.

Jegbefume further revealed that he was away in Benin City for a marriage on
Saturday the 26th of May 2012 when Obi Uche came with his boys and destroyed
his car parked in his compound and the louvers of his building. He said they
reported the case to the police in Abavo but was surprised that no arrest has
been made. Mr. Jegbefume who stated that he is now living in fear called on
concerned sons and daughters of Abavo to help bring justice to the land before
more calamities will befall it.

other Abavo indigenes who spoke to Ika Weekly on the situation of things in
Abavo, Smart Okoh and Isioma Michael said the Abavo monarch should listen to
what the oracle has said for the interest of the kingdom, stating that as peace
loving indigenes of Abavo they are in support of anything that will make it
move forward and not backward.  

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