AGBOR: Corpse dumped on the bed of man accused of killing the deceased

It was a dramatic scene, amidst tears on Monday June 11, 2012 at the house of one Mr. Ndidi, located at Ojeifoh / Hill Street as the corpse of a middle aged man and lorry driver, Mr. Philip Etuokwu was laid on top of his bed after he was allegedly accused of having hand in Mr. Etuokwu’s death. Ika Weekly gathered that the late Mr. Etuokwu who died on Monday, 11th June, 2012 after a protracted illness, before his death had a fracas with Mr. Ndidi, which led to the deceased slapping Ndidi on the face.
Ndidi angered with the humiliation he received from Mr. Etuokwu, he asked Etuokwu’s family to bring the sum of N5m, a ram and generator set for the appeasement of the gods Unfortunately Mr. Etuokwu gave up the ghost, before the N5m could be raised.
Angered by the death of Mr. Etuokwu, some youths in Agbor took his corpse to the house of Mr. Ndidi and when they could not find him they deposited it on his bed.
The angry drivers did not end there, they also moved down to the house of the native doctor where they destroyed his shrine. Effort to hear from the Agbor based native doctor whom they said was an elderly man and Mr. Ndidi was not successful as neither of them was around during the time the drivers raided their compounds
Sympathizers who thronged into the house of Mr. Etuokwu blamed Ndidi for resorting to the use of juju even if he was slapped in the face in public. However, the native doctor who is now at large has been asked by late Mr. Etuokwu’s family to reverse the curse so that it will not go after the deceased children.

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