According to the words of Napoleon Bonapart "a leader is to persuade his people when his political impact is below expectation and not to intimidate them with performances and achievements that lack credibility and purpose". This expression clearly describes Barr. Uzum’s publication in Ika weekly of Saturday May 26 Saturday June 2, 2012, exposing the cosmetic gains and achievements of Senator Dr. Arthur Ifeanyi Okowa within the last 10 months at the senate.

However, under section 4 of the 1999 Constitution, as amended, the National Assembly is duly recognized as a law-making arm of the tripod stand of government, vested with the powers to make laws for the peace, order and good government of the federation. And not for the local pursuit of Malaria Prevention and Management , sickle cell anemia and illegal Post-UME examination when the majority of Anioma people are seriously faced with severe economic hardship, social and political problems arising from mass hunger, chronic poverty, unemployment of graduates and the insecurity of lives and property.

Hunger and malnutrition, by United Nations assessment are more deadly than malaria, AIDS and tuberculosis combined. The poverty nature of the people coupled with the geometric increase of the unemployed youths in Delta North is assuming a worrisome dimension and it should be a priority project before the Senator at the National Assembly, instead of advancing a motion that can be addressed effectively with the use of local herbs-A’Kpeh or Root. The people need to be fully engaged and be able to put food on the table on daily basis, since a healthy, balance diet is generally an antidote to malaria and sickness.

In fact, it is my humble opinion as a genuine citizen of this Country, to advise Senator Arthur Okowa to be more focus with legislative bills that will bring relieve to the youths especially on job creation by lobbying investors that will establish industries in Anioma Nation and maintain his campaign promises as stated in his manifesto, which provides among other things:

– the gathering of an effective pressure group to attract critical and valuable projects from both Center and State for the Anioma Nation.

– holding quarterly (every three months) constituency briefing / interaction with the Senatorial District. And;

– working in collaboration with all, to carry out Advocacy on the need for unity among the people.

And not to be showcasing position as Vice Chairman, Senate Committee on Health and member of various House Committees that investigated Bureau for Public Enterprise and ailing industry like Delta Steel Company.

I do hope Barr. Uzum Eugene, the acclaimed Public Affairs Analyst is not trying to hoodwink the people of Anioma Nation into believing that the long expected quarterly briefing of the Senator is the Executive Summary of the published article under the bold caption "FROM THE SENATE", since it is capable of debasing the standard of an effective representation.

To all intents and purposes, the assertion of Barr.Eugene Uzum that the Senator’s constituency office at Asaba is open for all and sundry with respect to the submission of letters, complaints, assistance and enquiry is totally a falsehood. The acceptance and approvals of letters at the office is based on the person’s political loyalty of almost becoming a slave to them, ideological support of their political views and policies whether detrimental or favorable to the people and the person’s community background. All these negate the principle of oneness and the pluralism of true democracy.

A graphical example is the Biogas Technology, a developmental project which was launched in Ika land by Biotec Development Company. An invitation card/ letter was addressed to Senator Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa and submitted and registered at his constituency office, Asaba. Up till now, no positive response was made either in acknowledgment of the invitation letter/card or in support of the historical project, despite series of text messages and print media publications, but claim to be for all. What an Irony!

Let us for once embrace truth, fairness and honesty in order to tread on the path of justice, faithfulness and for the sake of posterity. This is why the Holy Book of the General Epistle of James 4 verse 17 in King James Version says that "to him that knoweth to do good and doeth it not, to him it is sin".

Barr. Eugene Uzum should learn to do well with his little political position and help to reduce the excruciating pains of poverty and joblessness of the youths instead of making caricature of the Senate and making mountain out of a molehill. The people should also learn how to react on issues as it affects their representatives at various levels of government and stop swallowing every publications or comments in hook, line and sinker.

Com.(Engr.) Ifeanyi Charles Aghaulor, Director, Biotec Development Company, BDC, Delta State.

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