The home of the Okpara of Owanta community in Ika Northeast local government area of Delta State, Pa Matthias Oshiegbu was agog on Wednesday morning amidst singing dancing and shooting of dane guns, following a landmark judgement delivered in favour of Owanta, Community by Hon Justice Ogisi, of Hig court 4 sitting in Asaba on 14 November, 2012. The suit Hey/50/05, Elder Njosi Olomu and anors VS Chief Samuel Okwunwa and anors was filed in 2005 at High Court of Justice, Owa-Oyibu. The matter suffered so many set back particularly from one traditional ruler. At the end or the tunnel they was a bright light to wit Judgement entered for the plaintiffs. (Owanta Okwei) however, Barr. J.O. Ojobu, counsel to the defendants cannot be reached for comment.
Speaking with newsmen shortly after the judgement, Pa Oshiegbu expressed happiness and gratitude to God for giving them victory. While calling on the Owanta people to unite for the interest of the community the Okparan thanked all those who assisted them in the suit particularly their lawyers. Barr. Ken Mozia San, Joe Odebeli, Comr. B.I. W. Agholor, B.I. Obuh. O.S. Uwagboi of J.K. Agholor and Associates.
 In the interview with newsmen Comr. Barr. Ifeanyi Agholor described the judgement as landmark, saying that it will further strengthen the authority of Owanta Okwue in respect to the areas refer to as Boji Boji Owa. He added that the judgement has further defined the boundary in the communal administration of Owanta community. He said the case which was filed seven years ago was prosecuted by Ken Mozia (SAN)  in collaboration with J.K. Aghaolor Associates, disclosing that the case was first filed at Owa-Oyibu High Court before it was transferred to Asaba For continuation and determination before judgement was finally delivered on the 14th day of November 2012. 
According to Comr. Barr. Agholor, one of the lawyers in the legal team and chairman of the land committee having its office and No. 19 Hausa Street, Boji-Boji, Owanta, Delta State, stated that from community any funder act of trespass and perpetual injuction, restraing the defendants tenants agents, servants from dealing with and/or futher trespassing on any land with the boundary of Owanta Okwe and Owanta Aliedie in the landmark judgement. The defendant are to pay the sum of N500, 000 for committing act trespass. Speaking further, Comr. I.W Agholor said �we are grateful to Almighty God who made it possible for all of us to be alive and see today as the final termination of the case. We are grateful to all those who supported us morally, spiritually and financially. Our most thanks goes to Chief Felix Arimokwu Iwerebor. He has been a strong pillar to us. Throughout this period he never abandoned or disappoint us. We say God should strengthen and extend his life. We also thank all members of Owanta Okwue and Edie communities particularly the two serving plantiffs J.K. Agholor and Mr. Young Odozi.
Barr. Agholor also thanked the late Okparan of Edie community, Pa James Okoh, who he said gave a very elaborate evidence that strengthened the judgement. He said there is no victor and no vanquised hence defendants in the case which is Aliosimi should join hands with Okwe and Edie for the overall development of Owanta.  

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