indigenes resident in the United States of America have expressed gratitude to
Almighty God on the successful hosting of the Agbor-USA first world convention
which took place in Albany, the capital of New 
York, between Friday 30th August to Saturday 31st August, 2013.

            The historical event which was
graced by New York State Congress man, Hon. Paul Tonko, offered huge
opportunities for Agbor indigenes in USA, including those that flew in from
Nigeria and Europe to rob mind together on how to contribute to the development
of their homeland.

            The Dein of Agbor kingdom  His Royal Majesty Benjamin Keagborekuzi 1, in
his speech which was presented at the convention thanked all who made it
possible, and who also  have made it a
duty to see Agbor kingdom move forward. Dein Keagborekuzi specially thanked
Congressman Hon. Paul Tonko, Senator Neil Breslin, former county executive,
Mike Breslin, Albany Catholic Bishop, Howard Hubbard Albanry Mayor, General
Jennings, Albany County, DA  David
Soares, Price Chooper Vice president  and
Mr. Wes Holloway for their contributions to the success of the convention.

            He also thanked Father Kofi
Nsitful-Amissah of the Black Catholic Apostolate, Rev. Commortier of the
Macedonia Baptist Church, Mr. Peter Anumele of Nmu Agbor group in Dallas, Dr.
Augustine Mabata of Houston, Mr. Nitor Egbarin of Agbor Leadership Council,
among others, saying their good work for humanity will surely be recognized by

            The royal father applauded the
initiators of the convention, describing it as a brilliant and worthy effort
aimed at bringing, all Agbor indigenes together, “for the interest of our
ancient city kingdom.”

            The revered Agbor monarch said, “I
need every Agbor man, woman, child, as well as our friends from different
nations to help shape the progress of Agbor.

            He therefore, congratulated Agbor
children in the United States, who have made Agbor kingdom proud, assuring, “as
your monarch I will always do my utmost best to never let you, as my people
down. I will equally always strive to be a good, strong and worthy ally to such
friends as the USA as we continue to forge ahead for a United Global Front and
effort to make the world a better place for both the privileged and those who
find life hard and difficult; we must always be our brothers keeper.”

            In his remark, Hon Paul Tonko,
congratulated the president and members of Agbor USA for their first World
Convention and promised to work with the association to improve Agbor economic
growth. He praised the effort of Chief Ediwin 
Kaliku and Agbor USA for bringing Agbor to their attention, stating that
Agbor and Nigeria will always remain in their agenda.

            The chairman of the convention, Dr.
Chief Edwin Kaliku, the Egbe of Agbor kingdom welcomed everybody who were
present, saying that the convention marked a turning point in the life of Agbor

            “Agbor is a light of inspiration for
Nigeria. Our king is a  light of
inspiration to the young generation. Let us be an inspiration to others. Our
first world convention is to introduce Agbor people to the outside world. They
need to benefit positively from our contributions in the United States, said
our former president, Bill Clinton.

            He said every Agbor person should
ask themselves what can they do for Agbor and stop criticizing the politicians
and the ethnic groups.

            He commended the first national
Agbor group in the U.S., the Agbor Leadership Council and other Nmu Agbor
groups in the U.S., especially the one headed by Engr. Peter Anumele.

            He disclosed that the formation of
Agbor USA was an initiation of the Dein of Agbor, HRM Keagborekuzi 1.

            “Father, our king, you have trained
us to be good citizens. We say thank you so very much. We, the Agbor people ask
God to be with you always, grant you long life, wisdom, good health and prosperity
for you and Agbor kingdom.” Chief Dr. Kaliku prayed.

            The chairman board of directors,
Engr. Peter Anumele in his speech said Agbor peopleare known for their honesty
and hard work, as they always excel in everything they do.

            While stating that they are proud to
associate themselves with goals that will help to uplift Agbor people both at
home and in the U.S, Engr Anumele said, 
“We must continue to exemplify this great attribute, which is honesty.
Our blessings shall continue to overflow as we journey together in unity for
the betterment of all Agbor people and our sweet home land.

            The interim president, Agbor USA,
Dr. Patrick Idoye disclosed  that the
association was formed after a meeting of Agbor indigenes he summoned one year
ago in Attanta, Georgia, where about thirty Agbor people attended, stressing
that one of the things they hope to accomplished in Albany was the
establishment of a sister city relationship between Albany and Agbor.

            “We hope that this will ultimately
lead to development of a chamber of commerce at Agbor following the chamber of
commerce in Albany. We do this in order to seek a partnership in our effort to
grow, expand and maintain sustainable businesses in Agbor  kingdom,” Dr. Idoye said.

            On his part, the vice-president of
the association, Mr. Patrick Ogbomoh, while thanking all who made the
convention possible said Agbor indigenes in the U.S have resolved to play any
role that will enhance the development of Agbor land and the people.

            The convention was attended by over
sixty Agbor indigenes from all over America, over eight Agbor people from
Nigeria, few from Britain and other Nigerians around the world, including
Barrister Ikechukwu Kaliku and his wife, Patience.  Others include, Barrister Vincent and Mrs.
Luis Uba, the president of the Nigerian Association of the Capital District,
Albany, New York (ANCD), Dr. and Mrs. Kaka Dee, the president of Ghana
Association, Mr. Surpong and Mrs., president of the Liberian Association, Dr.
Ola and Mrs. Stella Adwunmi, founding member and first elected president of
ANCD, the director, School of Nursing, Albany Memorial Hospital, Mary-Jane
Araldi and other high personalities.          


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