Nigerians, especially corporate bodies and well-meaning individuals have been advised to invest in the business of putting smiles on the faces of the less privileged.


The advice was given by the Chairman of the Association of Committed Friends (ACF), Mr. Daniel Onyeagwu on the occasion of the Association’s visit to Job’s orphanage home, Agbor on October 1.


The Chairman said the Association visited the home to express good tidings, show compassion and make the inmates have a sense of belonging.


He noted that since October 1 is set aside to commemorate the independence of Nigeria as a nation and Nigerians from the hands of the colonial masters, the day should be seen as an all-important day for all, including the orphans.


Mr. Onyeagwu pointed out that inspite of the fact that Nigeria has set other days aside to commemorate one event or the other, it is sad to note that no day has been set aside for the orphans and other less privileged Nigerians.


Speaking on the activities of ACF, the chairman said the Association was formed about half a decade ago with the aim of seeing to the welfare of members and encouraging them to imbibe the culture of saving for a raining day.


Describing the proprietor of the home, Prophet Igbodo as the “Abraham of our time”, Mr. Onyeagwu prayed God to enlarge his coast in his genuine endeavours to better the lives of the fatherless and other classes of orphans.


The items presented to the home include food items clothing, toiletries and a purse containing some amount of money to enable the management of the home settle some bills.


Responding on behalf of the inmates, Prophet Igbodo thanked the quest, and prayed God to strengthen them as they work hard to fulfill their dream.


He appealed to them to maintain a close relationship with the home, noting that no labour of love will ever go unrewarded.


It was as eye opening event for the visitors, as the man of God took them through memory lane of the home, in answer questions thrown to him by the visitors.         


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