There is a very popular Adage that says “GIVE ME A
FISH, you have only feed me for a day, but teach me how to fish you have
actually feed me forever”.

Unfortunately, the reverse seems to be the case for
Politicians of Ika Ethnic extraction who have really failed in this regard
despite the hypocritical applause being given to them by their blind followers.

Recently in Ika federal constituency, another type of
empowerment was the order of the day, which I termed or called “JEEP
EMPOWERMENT” to some registered Adult party members and registered thugs  who cover themselves with the slogan of party
youths to receive those Jeeps indeed. Painfully, I have asked this question
from my family members and friends as well without receiving any positive
answer and the Big question is what on Earth will make an average Ika
Politician to embark on the Generous giving out of brand New Jeeps at a time
our Ika land is being devastated  with
very bad road networks and high level gully erosion here and there?. Where are
the roads to drive those brand new Jeeps in the first place?

Why is it that a reasonable number of the so called
Ika youths have failed to think? And at the same time ask those senseless Ika
politicians questions about the bad, shameful and very dangerous nature of the
roads in Ikaland?

The whole of IKaland is being devastated with very bad
road network which is a firing squad awaiting execution.

From the ancient Agbor kingdom to Owa, Abavo,
Akumazi-Umuocha,, Igbodo Umunede e.t.c you can handly boast of a very good road
for the poor masses to ply and fasten their movement, except those roads being
tarred by well to do and kind-hearted Ika personalities like Mr. Jim Ovia with
regard to Imudia street in Agbor kingdom and Emeke Iweriebon with regard also
to Onyenugu and Nwadam street both in Owa kingdom.

Shamefully, the roads being executed for the people of
Ikaland through their selfish and greedy representatives at the various levels
of government is indeed a death trap with no gutter at all or only on one side
of the road if at all there will be humane enough to see reason to put up a
gutter, A very Good example is Melekwe street in Boji-Boji Owa and Oyibu street
in Owa kingdom also, what a shame. Agbor kingdom in Ika South Local Government
seems to be the most affected in this aspect with the current condition of the
Alihami-Agbor-Nta road  with each and
every one is left with no choice rather than to agree with me. The
Owa-Ekei-Owa-Alero road in Owa kingdom of Ika North-East is another disaster to
the people of Ika nation together with the Umunede-Otolokpo road as well as the
Umunede-Mbiri road both in Ika North-East Local Government Area of Delta State.
With all the above mentioned roads in Ikaland in very bad and life threatening
situations, it beats my imagination what will make some Ika Political Office
holders both elected and appointed to turn a blind eye on the nature of the
roads in their ancestral domain (ie Ikaland) but rather embark on the
distribution of jeeps, Tricycles, motorcycles etc. oh, what a misplaced
priority which Ika people must stop now. Shamefully enough, most of the Ika
youths who have benefited from the Political Jeep extra generosity and largesse
have failed to appreciate and understand that they may not be able to maintain
those Jeeps when they are not financially buoyant enough. Just imagine a
situation where a jobless young man or woman will be given a brand new Jeep at
a time when such a man or woman is totally jobless. Na Wa o o o o o o. The time
of elections is here again, starting with the Local Government Chairmanship and
Councillorship elections before the main general elections in 2015, is indeed
the right time for the entire Ika populace to rise up, come out and vote
rightly for a more positive and reasonable Dividends of Democracy for the
upliftment of the living standard of an average Ika person.  Am using this medium to passionately and
emotionally appeal to Ika political Office holders both elected and appointed
be it at the Local, State and Federal levels of Government to initiate positive
programmes for their people. We are now in the EBMER MONTHS and the festive
period is fast approaching, it will be a welcome development to see all the
roads in Ika land very motorable and in very drivable condition.

Ika! Ika ka ma!!!



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