BOJI-BOJI OWA (Ika Weekly) – A minister God, and founder of project Hope Rehabilitation centre, along Grace way, Aliosimi Road, Boji-Boji Owa, who vowed he would never allow anybody around him to suffer is still keeping to his word.


A visit to the Skill Acquisition Centre revealed that, he did not only establish the centre where about 69 students are undergoing training on how to sew, but also a catering school, where people are taught on how to bake cake, bread and cook different kinds of dishes.


Rev. James Okpori, the pastor of the church, here in Boji-Boji Owa, who is also one of the staff taking care of the students, said forms are now available for new intakes, at the Skill Acquisition Centre, saying that the training is open for both boys and girls, men and woman, without age limit or Educational qualification.


According to him, the training, feeding and the accommodation for those students whose houses are far from the centre is free of charge.


Pastor James called on spirited individuals, and government to support in rehabilitating human beings, which he regards as the best investment.

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