EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: "I am not given to self praise" – Chief (Rear Admiral) Peter Isimoya Eluma (Ika South PDP)


Chief (Rear Admiral) Peter Isimoya Eluma

Recently it was speculated that the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Ika South Local Government had unanimously endorsed Chief (Rear Admiral) Peter Isimoya Eluma as its consensus Chairmanship Candidate for the forth-coming council polls before the party’s official primary. Ikaworld.com in its dedicated commitment to always bring to the knowledge of Ika people all over the world events happening back in Ika land sought and got the views of Chief Eluma on the issue of his unanimous endorsement and other related issues facing Ika South Local Government area.


IKAWORLD:       Please kindly introduce yourself to our readers.

ELUMA: I am Chief Peter Isimoya Eluma, a retired Naval Officer of the rank of Rear Admiral. I disengaged from the military in 1997, after having served Nigeria meritoriously for closed to three decades.

IKAWORLD:       What have you been doing since retirement?

ELUMA: I have been into private business, and generally concentrating on my family and getting involved in community development.

IKAWORLD:       It was recently rumoured that you have been adopted as the sole candidate of the PDP for the chairmanship position for Ika South L.G.A.

ELUMA: Yes, the party executive in its wisdom and the need to give focused and result – oriented leadership to Local Government administration in Ika South resolved and endorsed me as its consensus candidate of which I am very grateful, and I promised that I will never abuse the confidence reposed on me by my people, who have been deprived of the right leadership.

IKAWORLD:       Why do you think you are the right person to administer the affairs of Ika South.

ELUMA: It is not about me thinking. It is about the burning desire in me to contribute my quota towards alleviating the sufferings of our people. If you look around you’d discover that Ika South is in a very bad shape, compared to other Local Governments in Delta State. There are no motorable roads, unemployment is on the high side, and you see broken culverts all over the place, which has heightened the menace of erosion.


When elected, my major priority will be in collaborating with the State Government and Private Sector to empower our youths and the women, who form the bulk of the productive base.

IKAWORLD:       It was reported that some sections of the PDP were against your adoption, giving as one of their arguments that you are a new comer in the political terrain, and therefore do not understand the needs of the people.

ELUMA: Yes, everyone is entitled to his or her opinion, but I do not know of any known member of the PDP family in the L.G.A being opposed to my candidate. Be that as it may, I am an Ika South man, and I have equal stake just like any other Ika South person. Whatever that is going wrong affects all of us. However, my primary concern is to see a better and socio-politically improved Ika South, which everyone will be proud of. I only ask for the support of all, for it is not a one-man job. The job ahead is enormous, but with the support of all, we will transform the area.

IKAWORLD: Almost all the past chairmen that have held sway at the council had performed badly. Do you think yours will be different?

ELUMA: Experience they say is the best teacher. I have years of administrative and managerial experience, which I will bring to bear in the running of the council affairs. Beside I am not thinking of going to amass wealth but to leave a legacy of service, integrity and accountability. I have seen it all, high positions and name. I will avoid anything that could tarnish my image. I am bringing myself to purely serve my people to the best of my ability.

IKAWORLD:       How are you going to tackle the issue of faction in Ika South Politics?

ELUMA: Right from when I came back to Agbor, I have always preached unity. I have on different fora informed my people that we do not need to turn ourselves into enemies because of politics. Yes to answer your question directly, I will endeavour to bring all together by running an open-door administration, because my ultimate interest is the good of the Local Government, even at that, I do not believe there are factions but differences in opinions and views, which is natural and is allowed in a democratic setting like ours.

IKAWORLD:       Some persons are of the belief that you are being fronted by some very powerful persons, who want you there by all means possible.

ELUMA: I do not need to be fronted by anybody. I do not believe in political god fatherism. My decision to run for the position is borne out of a sincere desire to improve the socio – political and economic environment of our dear L.G.A. Infact, my whole trust rests in God; it is Him that gives one opportunity to serve. And if given the privilege, I will do my honest best to uplift the lives of my people.

IKAWORLD:       Before now, in what way have you contributed to Ika South Development?

ELUMA: I do not need to start enumerating the things I have done. It is the people who should speak on that. I am not given to self praise.

IKAWORLD:       How are you going to deal with the erosion devastating Orogodo metropolis, and also the issue of crime?

ELUMA: The topography of Agbor makes it prone to erosion, but my administration will focus on constructing culverts where rain water will be directed to; and that obviously will arrest the erosion menace. Crime, in most cases, come as a result of idleness, like I earlier said, I will seek out ways on how to empower the youths and women through the establishment of skill acquisition centers, and probably granting of soft loans to the women for setting up businesses of their own.

IKAWORLD:       What is your final word?

ELUMA: I thank every indigene of Ika South, both at home and abroad. I am calling on our brothers and sisters, especially those outside, who have the resources, to come back home and invest, so as to enhance the socio-economic well-being of the people.


As a final word, I promise to run an all engaging government that every Ika South person will be proud of. I thank Ikaword.com for its effort at promoting the image of Ika nation all over the world. You people are really doing a wonderful and praise-worthy job.


Rear Admiral Peter Isimoya Eluma was born on November 21, 1947 at Agbor. He attended Government School, Agbor and Methodist High School, Okitipupa between 1953 and 1966.


He enlisted into the Nigerian Defence Academy, Kaduna as a Cadet Officer in 1968, after having a brief stint with Post and Telegraph Department (P&T) in Lagos.


Admiral Eluma, during his training had the opportunity of studying in the United Kingdom and India.


He also attended the Maritime Technical Course at Indian Naval Ship, Venduruthy, Cochin – India, 1971 – 1972, School of Marine Operations, HMS Dryad, Southwick, England, for Specialist Navigation Certificate and Naval Warfare Specialist Certificate (PWO) between 1974 and 1975 and 1979 – 1980 respectively, Command and Staff College, Jaji, 1981 – 1982 and National Institute for Policy and Strategic Studies, Kuru, Jos, where he was awarded the prestigious mni in 1992.


Admiral Eluma held various positions while in Service, Commanding Officer, NNS Yola, 1973 – 1974, Directing Staff, Command and Staff College, Jaji 1983 – 1985, Deputy Defence Advisor, Nigerian High Commission, London, 1985 – 1988, Commanding Officer, NNS Malokun, Warri, 1990 – 1992, Chief Staff Officer, Western Naval Command, 1993 – 1994, Chief of Operations, Defence Headquarters, Lagos, 1994 – 1996.


He was Deputy Commandant, National War College, Abuja, from where he retired in 1997.        



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