IKA WEEKLY – Onu – Ika, the socio-cultural group and mouth piece of Ika ethnic nationality has deplored the concrete flooring of the Agharakun and Orogodo River.


Making its displeasure known to pressment on Saturday during an on the spot assessment of the level of work being done at the river, the leader of the group, Sir Fortune Ebie stated that the action was not in the interest of Ika people.


Sir Ebie stressed that the concreting of the river basin will automatically lead to the disappearance of acquatic life, thereby depriving those whose livelihood rest on fishing a right to life.


He noted also that children will no longer be able to swim in the river, as doing that could lead them to death because of the concreted floor of the river bed, adding that excavation of said would no longer be possible.


He pointed out that there is no place in the world where a river is cemented either by God or man; stressing that concreting Orogodo River is another attempt of turning it into a drainage channel, which will make the river extinct; thereby creating a serious ecological problem for the people.


Sir Ebie said that Onu Ika was not in any way having questioning the basis of the contract, but want to be assured that after the execution of the contract aquatic life will continue to thrive, and the people be able to fish in the river.


He stated the group and the people are not satisfied with the nature of the job, even as he said that there are other ways of solving the erosion problem in the area.


The Onu Ika leader however said that they will pursue the issue with dialogue, while affirming the total support of Ika ethnic nationality to the administration of Dr. Emmanuel Uduaghan, whom he noted is a listening governor.

Sir Ebie said that he was happy that the President is a man who believes in due process and, in the wishes of the people being met, adding that he believes the job will be done correctly.

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