Ika group in South Africa manifesting real leadership and a helping hand



Ika people in South Africa are showing great example of manifesting the Ika unity that has often been mouthed by many Ika leaders. Recently Ika people in South Africa came together under the umbrella of a new association to be called ?Ika rimma orinienyienne?. According to Mr. Kelvin Iduhor who first contacted Ikaworld.com, the association is chaired by the President, Mr. Iwekuba Henry Ikechukwu. One of the targets of this association would be to help any newly arrived Ika persons in South Africa with the sum of 300 Rand to assist them in their initial settling down process.

In a long telephone conversation with Ikaworld.com, the President of Ika rimma orinienyienne, Mr. Iwekuba Henry Ikechukwu who is based in Johannesburg, emotionally declared his humility and amazement at the bond of love between Ika men and women in South Africa. According to him, he has never seen such degree of love and bond in a group all his life. Concerning the financial help to be rendered to all Ika newcomers to South Africa, money is not the issue at stake. To Mr. Iwekuba Henry Ikechukwu, it is the act of being your brother?s keeper that is being manifested by the group that is important.

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