BLOODY MURDER! Vice principal assassinated in broad day light

The vice principal of Ime-Obi secondary school, Mr. Paul Mafiana, was brutally assassinated in broad day light in his school on the 3 of December 2008.


According to report, the vice principal who returned from a bank at Orogodo was in his office when he was murdered.


Witnesses said that two men who claimed to be photographers arrived on motorcycle went into the vice principal?s office and shot him. The gunshot caused panic and pandemonium in the school. The killers were seen speeding off on their motorcycle.


Mr. Mafiana was found bleeding profusely in his office and rushed to the hospital where he died.


According to our sources, apart from being a vice principal, Mr. Mafiana was a renowned money lender who had confiscated many building that were used as collaterals for bad loans. Although this must have made him enemies, it is not immediately clear if his murder is connected in any way to his money lending.


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