TRAGEDY AVERTED! Palm wine poison scandal rocks a community in Agbor kingdom

According to sources, seven men visited a friend, Mr. Samuel Amoko, who is a palm wine tapper and followed him to tap one of his trees 30th of December 2008, with the promise that they were going to drink the wine. After tapping the wine, the tapper went to take his bath only to find on his return that his friends had drunk the wine leaving nothing for him. The seven men that drank the wine began to experience stooling and vomiting on 1st of December 2008 at 2 am. Their deteriorating condition was then traced to the palm wine.


According to the tapper, when he was by the Ogisi of Ozanogogo, the wine must have been poisoned by someone else as he had no reason to poison his friends. He pointed fingers at Mr. Saturday Isere Potoki, a village youth, as the possible culprit since Saturday had vowed to teach him a lesson the previous day if he fails to stop tapping.


When the village elders invited Saturday, he took to his heels. He was later traced to Alisimie in the house of one of his in-laws, Mr. Emmanuel Aiworo, who is a police officer. When efforts were made to take him back to Ozanogogo, Saturday and his in-law arranged for the police to arrest the Ozanogogo village elders. However, upon getting to Ozanogogo and upon preliminary investigation, the police decided to arrest Mr. Saturday Isere Potoki instead.


According to the Ogisi of Ozanogogo, the case has been reported to the palace of the Dein of Agbor. The victims are still receiving treatment.

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