Final knock-out in Ika south PDP battle: James Ebeye lost, Ojougbo won

When the dust raging in Ika South PDP finally settled a few weeks ago a new PDP chairman emerged displacing the former chairman Mr. James Ebeye alias Banko who was forced into retreat as the force and pressure of the Ojougbo faction in the party became unbearable.


In PDP politics, looks they say never tells the complete story. Although it looked like the the former chairman had succeeded in putting Cairo Ojougbo on the defensive by suspending him from the party and publishing the suspension in some national dailies as well as setting up a committee to probe Ojougbo on anti party activities for attempting to change the name of Ika South Party chairman at the PDP secretariat in Abuja, Ojougbo?s attempt became manifest when the name of the former party chairman actually disappeared leaving him with no status. The realization of the fact that Mr. James Ebeye?s name had been successfully replaced with the name of Isaac Ulebor, who was also among those suspended along with Ojougbo, as the substantive Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party PDP in Ika South Local Government Area led to instant erosion of support leaving him with no choice but to retreat and flee.


Ojougbo?s final assault finally puts to rest the notion that he is losing control of Ika south PDP to the Okowa faction. The question on political watcher is where the next flash point is going to be and whose political head is going to roll next as the Okowa faction are not about to conced and walk away.

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