No fewer than three travelers lost their personal belongings to armed men at the Orogodo river located along the new Lagos/Asaba expressway at about 8.00pm on the 18th of May, 2009.

According to one of the victims of the gruesome act, one Mr. Chidi Ebonyi, himself and the others were walking across the Orogodo river bridge, to enter the town, since they could not get an Okada to convey them to their various homes, when four armed men with guns and axes rushed out from the nearby bushes surrounding the river. He added that at first the armed men started interrogating them about their professions while at the same time leading them to the bank of the Orogodo river, where they were robbed, taking all their personal belongings, money and so many other items.

When Mr. Chidi Ebonyi was asked by Ika Weekly on what was specifically stolen from him, he confessed that the armed men robed him of a total amount of N150,000 cash, his handset and some of his office documents which were in said about of fellow counterparts saying that one of them was robbed of his two handsets, international passports and the sum of N15,000 while the other person?s traveling bag was taken away from him.

Mr. Ebonyi further stated that after the robbery incident, the robbers chased them with guns from the robbery scene, and were also ordered not to shout or narrate the incident which took place while they walked home.

He was later interviewed by our journalist if the case have been reported to the police, but Mr. Chidi answered that he had not, since his money and personal belongings and that of others were stolen that night but also added that he does not know if the other two victims have reported the case. According to the sources that were interviewed at the scene of the crime, they said with non-challence that such incident was a regular occurrence at the river. They equally said that some persons suspected to be armed men have the river as a hide-out for their evil activities while at the same time, the river is also a suspected haven for the sale of hard narcotic?s.

One of the sources (who pleads anonymity) said she lives around the Orogodo river begged law enforcement agents and all other governing bodies in Agbor town and beyond help combat such crimes in the near future. She equally appealed to the law enforcers to see to it that such hide outs at the Orogodo river and along the old Lagos/Asaba road immediately after Ika Grammar School, which most times one robbery incident or the other takes place, should be watched thoroughly so as to bring the perpetrators of these hideous crimes to book.

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