Speaking through their youth
leaders Chief Onyeisi Ashien and Mr. G.O. Ibude, the group alleged that Alihagu
community has been marginalized by the present administration, explaining that
this could be attested to by the different projects carried out in neighbouring
communities such as grading of roads which Alihagu as a community has been
denied of.


The people who bared their
minds Saturday morning while embarking on community road clearing lamented that
having motorists or commercial motor cyclists convey indigenes and visitors
into the community is currently a big problem due to the nature of the poor
road to the village. This problem according to them is always compounded during
the raining season.


Although, they alleged that
Idumu-Oza Community, which is one kilometer to Alihagu was some time ago graded
by the councilor representing the two communities, Alihagu indigenes said it
beats their imagination why Hon. Abiamuwue Onyebigwa abandoned their road.


Moreso, the people frowned,
at the economic loss to their farmers when it was rumoured this year that the
state government was at the verge of constructing the road from Ime-Obi to Oki
village, of which Alihagu would have been affected, directed all her farmers
having crops along the designated roads to uproot it prematurely, adding that
nothing was done on the road till date.


Meanwhile, as part of their
efforts to bring development to the community, the people said they have tried
applying for grading equipment but are yet to receive approval from the


Alihagu community however
appealed to the local government chairman to use his good office in attending
to the people?s needs, reminding him of the renovation of the Alihagu community
market which they said is at the verge of collapse.


However, when contacted to
hear his version on why Alihagu community road was not graded, as he is the
conucillor representing them, Hon. Abiamuwue Onyebigwa blamed the situation on
the people?s impatience to wait for their turn.


Hon. Abiamuwe explaining how
far he has gone in representing the people?s interest said Alihagu was among
the four communities he had enlisted that would be graded soonest, according to
the local government project execution plan, Hon. Abiamuwe said the plan had
been revealed to one Mr. Ibeh from Alihagu but expressed displeasure that the
people would not allow things to take its course before lodging complaints.


Hon. Abiamuwue said among
the roads submitted for grading are Idumu-Oza road to Oki, market street
Alihagu, Ashien street, Alihagu market, Amahia/Idumu Ogbe road and Idumu-Eni
road Ewuru, as he quickly disclosed that he has also built four-bloc classrooms
equipped with chairs and drilled bore hole at the Health Centre for Alihagu
community through aids from MPPZ.


He therefore urged Alihagu
people to be patient with him as plans are on to identify with their

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