As the country?s economic situation continues to deteriorate without any hope of recovery in the foreseeable future, the youths who mostly challenged and constrained by the bleak prospect of poverty, have decided to find escape route by seeking for ways to migrate to European Countries to seek for greener pasture.


In the last two decades, Nigeria has witnessed the mass exodus of able bodied youngment and women from the shores of the country, to escape the biting poverty in the land. As the situation gets worsen by poor government policies, people become more desperate to travel out of the country.


However, not many of such voyages or expeditions have been successful, as it has been several reported that many of the youths have died in different countries.


Just last weekend, it was reputed that an unconfirmed number of Ika indigenes, who were crossing from North African country of Morocco to Spain lost their lives at the weekend when the ship ferrying them across the Mediterranean Sea capsized in the middle of the sea.


The boys, who according to reports from some of their friends who are still stranded in Morocco, said good bye to their colleagues after boarding the ship on that Friday night, promising to phone them as soon as they arrived safely in Spain.


But unfortunately, tragedy occurred as the mighty wave took them to the world beyond. This was among the many incidents of shipwreck involving many youths of African origin in an attempt to cross the Mediterranean Sea to Europe.


Sadly, some of the victims are those being hoped on by their families who may be unaware of the accompanying risks faced by the children. Worst still that many of these relatives are expectant of the fortune which in no distant future will come to them through their supposed bread winners. But alas! This was not going to be the case. Every effort made through intense labour to save money in Morocco for the crossing and the dangerous journey through forests infested by wild beasts from Nigeria to Morocco for weeks and months have been rendered fruitless by the sea mishap that claimed the lives of these young men who wanted to have good lives for not only themselves but their families.   

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